Introducing the Nanlite PavoTube II X Series | A substantial leap forward in design and capabilities, with truly stunning performance.

The next generation PavoTube II X offers pixel control that will spark the imagination of content creators and help explore incredible and limitless colour and visual possibilities.

Choose from the PavoTube 15 with a 75cm length and 8 Pixel cells or the PavoTube 30 with a length of 115cm and 16 Pixel cells.

Key Features:

  • Expanded colour temperature range of 2700K – 12000K

  • Average CRI 97 / Average TLCI 98 + RGB / HSI Control

  • DMX capability

  • Greater internal diffusion for seamless colour blending

  • Metal construction throughout

  • Over 1 hour 26m runtime at full power

PavoTube II X

NanLite Pavotube II 15X RGBWW LED Tube

£359.00 View

PavoTube II X

NanLite Pavotube II 30X RGBWW LED Tube

£539.00 View