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Photo Boards Cosmopolitan Marble Effect 60cm Photography Backdrop

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Photo Boards’ Cosmopolitan Marble Effect 60cm is a true-to-size textured backdrop for photography. The textures offer a real-life representation, meaning they are reproduced at a 1:1 scale. Users can use the backdrop either vertically by propping it up, placing your subject in front of it, and then shooting, or they can place the subject on the backdrop, and then shoot from above.

Photo Boards are 1:1 scale, high-resolution, small photography backdrop boards that make product, food and lifestyle photography easy for designers, makers, artists, and bloggers.
The main feature of Photo Boards is that they look super-real, just like actual wood, stone, fabric, or metal – people will think they are the real thing in your photos! Simply drop them into your scene as a new surface or background and shoot.
Unlike most large vinyl or paper backdrops, these mini backdrops are super high-resolution so they look perfect even during close-up product photography.

Please note: Colours may vary due to individual screen colour profiles.

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Product Specification

Colour White
Size (mm) 60 x 60 cm
Type Background
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Product Code: 1635135-wex Manufacturers Part Number: LJ60/2021 Got a question? Get it answered...