Ricoh has just launched the GR III HDF and the GR IIIx HDF. The two new cameras differ from each other in that the GR III HDF has the same 18.3mm f2.8 lens as the standard GR III (equiv. to 28mm in 35mm format) but the GR IIIx has a newly developed 26.1 mm f2.8 that offers a 40mm equiv. In full-frame format.

This focal length is specifically designed to mimic the view of the human eye, providing a natural shooting perspective. In addition, these two cameras feature Ricoh’s built-in Highlight Diffusion Filter (HDF). The filter is designed to provide the option to choose between a high-resolution, high-contrast image or a softer, more expressive photo that creates a sense of depth. For street photographers, the choice to change up your shooting and experiment with different looks will be a very welcome one!

Just Launched