Product Code: 1017871

Ring Flash Adaptor for Nikon SB-800

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This unique RayFlash product was developed by a professional photographer from the Czech Republic. It uses a clever system of internal prisms and reflectors to distribute the light emitted from the flash unit evenly around the large diameter of the ringflash adapter. The ring flash adapter creates a very special lighting effect: a "3-d shadow-wrapped look". Because all light originates from the front, ie from around the lens, it produces a virtually shadowless look on the front of your subject, while a soft even shadow appears around the edges. It is ideally suited for fashion, portrait and beauty images as a main light or fill-in.Due to it's large inner diameter (143mm), the Rayflash ringflash adapter will accept almost all lenses from small, medium and large format cameras. Exposure control is easy: using either Canon or Nikon cameras (or their derivatives) all TTL functions are operational as usual, as well as manual mode. It is of course possible to use the Cano
  • Outer diameter: 227mm
  • Inner diameter: 143mm
  • Weight: 509 gram
  • Exposure Guide: f/8 at 2m, 100ISO
  • Zoom setting: 50-70mm on Canon 580EX & Nikon SB800
  • Mounting: Attaches to front off, flash unit
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Product Specification

For Use With Nikon SB-800
Type Ringflash Adapter
Weight (g) 509
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Product Code: 1017871-wex Manufacturers Part Number: RAN160 Got a question? Get it answered...