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Rogue Universal Gel Kit

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Rogue Gel Kits offer you a choice of 20 dynamic colours and correction filters to help create dramatic and theatrical lighting in your images. Each kit includes 14 colour effects gels, 5 colour correction gels, and 1 diffusion gel. Choose from a range of reds, yellows, blues, and greens to punch up an image with colour and create mood. Or, use the correction gels to balance your flash to ambient light. Made from high quality materials from LEE Filters UK, the world's leading manufacturer of lighting filter products, they are individually labelled with the name of each gel, as well as the gels measured f/stop loss value, and when appropriate, the corresponding Kelvin colour temperature correction and camera white balance icon. With a coverage of 76mm x 63mm, Rogue Universal Gels are large enough for most flash heads and they can be creased or trimmed for smaller flash heads as desired.

Main Features

Rogue Universal Gels come in a kit that includes the Rogue Gel-Band, 20 different colours (1 of each colour), and a durable padded storage pouch with quick reference dividers to help you keep your gels safe and organized.

With a coverage area of 3" x 2.5" (76mm x 63mm) Rogue Universal Gels are large enough to cover even the largest flash heads, and they can be creased or trimmed for smaller flash heads as desired. Their innovative tabbed design allows them to be quickly attached to a wide range of shoe mount flash brands, including: Canon, Konica, Metz, Minolta, Nikon, Nissin, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Quantum, Sigma, Sony and Vivitar.

You do not need to buy expensive or bulky holders, or use annoyingly sticky hook-and-loop to attach Rogue Universal Gels to your flash. Included with each Rogue Gels Universal Kit is the Rogue Gel-Band. Rogue Universal Gels unique tabbed design means that they quickly attach to almost all standard shoe mount flashes. To attach, simply slip the tabbed ends of the Universal Gel under the Gel-Band to secure it to the flash.

The Universal Gel Kit includes the following filters -

Correction Filters: 1/2 CTB (3200K to 4300K), Full CTO (6500K to 3200K), 1/2 CTO (6500K to 3800K), 1/4 CTO (6500K to 4600K), Plus Green (cc30 Green) & Heavy Frost Diffusion

Yellow / Red Filters 1/2 CTB (3200K to 4300K) Chocolate, Smokey Pink, Follies Pink, Bright Red, Rust, Dark Salmon, Oklahoma Yellow & Medium Yellow

Green / Blue Filters: Deep Purple, Special KH Lavender, Just Blue, Medium Blue Green, Steel Green & Moss Green

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Product Specification

For use with Most Hot Shoe Mounted and Hammerhead Type Flashguns
Included Accessories Carry Pouch
Size 760 x 630 mm
Type Coloured Gel Set
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Product Code: 1527740-wex Manufacturers Part Number: ROGUEGELS-U