Scanners for photography are a breed apart from the sort of regular scanners you might see in an office. Offering significantly higher quality, they allow you to convert slides, negatives, printed photos or any other physical media into high-quality digital files, perfect for sharing, editing or archiving. Plus, if you’ve also got the odd document to digitise, a photo scanner should also handle that just fine.

Photo scanners offer a much higher resolution of scan, which is expressed in dots per inch (dpi). This allows them to capture every detail of a print, slide or negative, and ensure that it is digitised as accurately as possible. Some also offer advanced digital correction and enhancement software, which detects and automatically cleans up marks and imperfections on physical media. Some also offer colour enhancement software that can restore the life and vibrance to old prints that have faded. Functions like these can be a real time-saver, and a welcome alternative to toiling away for hours in Photoshop.