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Storm Jacket SLR Small - Black

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This is the small size Storm Jacket; measure your camera/lens from the rear of the body to the front of the lens, and if it's 9" (229mm) or less, then this is the cover for you. Storm Jacket Camera Covers are the most compact and portable camera protection you can carry with you everywhere you go so you won't hesitate to use it anytime the camera is going to get wet, dirty, or sit in the sun. They can be slipped on and off in less than 5 seconds, which means you'll actually use them when you'd otherwise just let the camera get wet because you didn't want to struggle with a bulky cover. When you're done with it, just shake it off, stuff it back into it's zippered case, and shove it in a pocket. Manufacturerd from high-tech AquaNylon fabric, Storm Jackets will never lose their water repellency and are rugged enough to withstand the rigors of professional use.

Further Details

This the most economical and easiest solution for keeping your camera clean and dry. The Standard Model is often the best choice if you rarely use a tripod, monopod, or focus the lens manually. The largest variety of sizes and colors are available with this model. For most casual, non-professional photographers, this is usually the best choice. STANDARD-MEDIUM-BLACK is our biggest seller.

Choosing the right size

The model or brand of SLR that you own does not make any difference when choosing the size of the cover. In fact, all model have the same internal diameter (8") for the front and rear openings. What matters is the length from the rear of your camera to the front of your lens when the zoom is fully-extended. Measure your camera and lens, and then ADD a couple of inches to that number. Now, refer to the chart to find the minimum-size cover that will suit your needs.

  • Small - 11" / 27.9 cm
  • Medium - 17" / 43 cm
  • Large - 23" / 58 cm
  • Extra Large - 27" / 68.5 cm
  • XXL - 31" / 78.7 cm

If you have multiple lenses of varying lengths, it is possible that one cover may fit them all. For example, if you determine that a Medium cover is needed for your longest lens, you could probably still use it with a shorter lens because it is easy to bunch-up the excess material.

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Product Specification

Colour Black
Material AquaNylon fabric
Size 28 cm Length
Weight (g) 50
Manufacturer Link Stormjackets
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Product Code: 1017348-wex Manufacturers Part Number: SJ-SLR-SBLK