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Tascam TM-70 Dynamic Microphone

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The Tascam TM-70 dynamic microphone has been built specifically for live-broadcasts, podcasting, film dialogue, and audio streaming. This microphone is able to isolate directional dialogue/audio with ease, focusing upon the nuances of the human voice whilst shutting-out unwanted surrounding sounds (frequency response of 30Hz?20kHz). By doing so, time spent manipulating EQ levels and using isolation baffling is minimised - resulting in high-quality speech intelligibility. The TM-70 consists of a unique hybrid between super-cardioid and dynamic elements for improved resistance to ambient noises. For those ready to record straight out of the box, the Tascam TM-70 comes with Shock Mount (reduces low-frequency rumbles), Table-Top Mic Stand and 6 ft XLR Mic Cable. If it's high-quality dialogue-led audio recording you are after, look no further than the Tascam TM-70 Dynamic Microphone.

Tascam TM-70 Dynamic Microphone Key Features:

  • The TM-70 focuses upon the human voice, and less on the room
  • Super-Cardioid Directivity adapts to the environment - enables prominent vocal delivery
  • Delivers mix-ready audio to minimise time spent changing EQ settings or isolation baffling
  • Frequency response of 30Hz?20kHz - isolates directional dialogue/audio
  • Clear audio-signal resulting in high-quality speech intelligibility
  • Plug-in and play - Shock Mount, Table-Top Mic Stand and 6 ft XLR Mic Cable included
  • Ideal for live-broadcasts, podcasting, film dialogue, and audio streaming
  • Shock Mount significantly reduces low-frequency rumble
  • Warm, realistic sound recording
  • Robust construction
  • Does not require additional battery power or other power supply

Expanded Tascam TM-70 Dynamic Microphone Key Features:

Mix-Ready Recording From The Get-Go

With a frequency response of 30Hz?20kHz, the Tascam TM-70 captures directional audio (specifically human dialogue) over ambient noise. This is achievable due to the microphone's super-cardioid directivity, enabling a clean, clear audio signal for high-quality speech intelligibility. Also, it allows Sound Engineers to provide an improved audio mix - less time spent changing EQ levels or utilising isolation baffling; more time spent capturing the best possible performance.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Tascam TM-70 Dynamic Microphone
  • 1 x Shock Mount (5/8inch screw diameter)
  • 1 x Table-top Mic stand
  • 1 x XLR Mic cable (6 ft)
  • 1 x Owner's manual


What is a good dynamic microphone for podcasting?

The Tascam TM-70 is a dynamic microphone with a whole host of features that make it a perfect choice for recording podcasts whether you are new to the trend, or a podcasting veteran. These include its ability to focus specifically upon human dialogue (directional), a frequency response of 30Hz?20kHz, super-cardioid directivity, and the inclusion of impressive accessories - The Tascam TM-70 comes with Shock Mount (reduces low-frequency rumbles), Table-Top Mic Stand and 6 ft XLR Mic Cable.

What are some key characteristics of a good podcast/audio-recording microphone?

Cardioid microphones are much less sensitive to sounds from the side or back (more directional), reducing pickup of environment and reflected noise. They do require your mouth to stay focused upon a smaller area of the mic to avoid noticeable variations in audio-levels, however, you will notice a significant improvement in speech intelligibility. Secondly, a shock mount filters low-frequency vibrations or rumbles. The most common types of vibrations come from touching the table or typing on a keyboard whilst the microphone is live - The Tascam TM-70 Dynamic Microphone utilises both super-cardioid directivity and comes with a shock mount.

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Product Specification

Pick-up pattern Cardioid
Type Desk
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Product Code: 1765462-wex Manufacturers Part Number: TM-70