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Tascam TM-82 Dynamic Microphone

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The TM-82 Dynamic Microphone is ideally suited for vocal and instrument live performances and recordings. This Tascam microphone picks up the character and nuances of performances consistently, with the cardioid directional pattern significantly reducing feedback and distracting room sound. It also forms a moderate proximity effect, giving vocals (and other sound sources) that distinct warm ‘bottom'. The TM-82 further produces high-quality replication without the need for phantom power. This allows for efficient application from the home studio to the stage - versatile recording capabilities with both vocals and a range of musical instruments. Its robust metal construction and solid electrical build-up make this microphone a reliable companion for musicians, rental businesses and event venues. The TM-82 can withstand the rigours of everyday use - A robust, high-quality vocal and instrument microphone for the working performer.

Tascam TM-82 Dynamic Microphone Key Features

  • 1 x Dynamic microphone optimised for vocal and instrument pickup
  • 1 x Frequency response - 50 Hz to 16 kHz
  • 1 x Capture the character of a vocal/instrument performance on-stage and in (home) studio
  • 1 x Suitable for announcements, presentations, moderations etc.
  • 1 x Cardioid polar pattern - captures directional sound and prevents additional feedback
  • 1 x Ideal for musicians, rental businesses and municipal event venues
  • 1 x Robust design with metal housing
  • 1 x Included mic holder (standard screw diameter)

Expanded Tascam TM-82 Dynamic Microphone Key Features:

At Home In The Home Studio

The TM-82 Dynamic Microphone performs to a very high-standard when recording vocal and instrumentals in the home studio. It has the ability to pinpoint the character and nuances of performances consistently, with the cardioid directional pattern significantly reducing feedback and unwanted surrounding sounds. It also has the ability to form a moderate proximity effect, adding that distinct warm ‘bottom' to vocals and other sound sources such as guitars, drums etc. The Tascam TM-82 is an affordable, user-friendly dynamic microphone, ideal for musicians who have recently found themselves spending more time in the home studio.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Tascam TM-82 Dynamic Microphone
  • 1 x Microphone Holder


How do you record good vocals at home?

Make sure to record in a neutral, dry room if you do not have access to a professional home studio. You can even begin to construct a simple vocal booth with blankets, curtains, mattresses and pillows. Place the mic diaphragm facing your lips (the TM-82 in this case), and listen with headphones initially to identify any subtle differences in sound. To do this, try close-up (5 - 10 cm away), and then mid-distance (approx 30 cm away) to achieve the best audio-recording possible. Be sure to test mic levels, and do several takes of the entire track before focusing on detailed areas. And if you are not satisfied, be sure to step away and take a break to prioritise vocal rest.

Where are Tascam products made?

Tascam products are made in China, and TASCAM is one of four divisions of TEAC Corporation, a large manufacturing company headquartered in Japan.

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Product Specification

Is Good For Studio
Pick-up pattern Cardioid
Type Hand held
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Product Code: 1765463-wex Manufacturers Part Number: TM-82