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Tokina SZX 400mm f8 Reflex MF Lens with Mount Adapter for Fujifilm X

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The Tokina SZX 400mm f8 Reflex MF Lens is designed for creativity. The telephoto lens has an advanced lens structure which provides pin-sharp images, unique “doughnut” bokeh and the flexibility to shoot both distant and macro subjects with precision. The complex mirrored lens structure also significantly brings down the size and weight of the lens, enough to take what would usually be a lens that needs its own bag, into an everyday kit-bag-friendly telephoto lens. Various multi-layer, anti-reflection and high-reflectivity silvered coatings help to provide sharp images with reducing glare and chromatic aberrations. There are several kit options available to suit your camera system.

Tokina SZX 400mm f8 Reflex MF Lens Key Features:

  • Manual focus catadioptric optical design
  • Unique and pleasing “doughnut” bokeh
  • Incredibly lightweight and compact
  • A f8 fixed aperture
  • Multi-layer anti-reflection coating
  • Reduced glare & chromatic aberration
  • High-reflectivity silvered coating
  • A protective antioxidant layer
  • A minimum focus design of 115cm
  • Wide focus ring provides smooth rotation range of 270°
  • Compatible with select focus peaking systems
  • Compatible with select IBIS systems

Expanded Tokina SZX 400mm f8 Reflex MF Lens Key Features:

Lens Construction

The inner-workings of this lens are advanced and provide a unique shooting experience. The lens uses a combination of 3 lenses silvered on the outside of the glass to reflect light back and forth between the ends of the lens. This structure bends light which in turn, halves the length needed for the barrel. It also signcantly reduces the weight of the lens because the mirrors are much lighter than the optical glass.

Each lens element is coated in multi-layer anti-reflection coatings which enable effective light intake. The mirrored surfaces of the lens elements have been paired with a high-reflectivity silvered coating and a protective antioxidant layer on the backside which help to reduce chromatic aberrations and protect the lens.

Whilst other, more traditional 400mm lenses are large and heavy, this lens turns that on its head. This Tokina SZX 400mm f8 Reflex MF Lens weighs in at just 340g and is small enough to fit in your kit bag along with a wide range of other gear. Compared to the Canon EF 400mm f5.6 L USM Lens which is 26cm long and weighs a hefty 1.25kg, this lens is tiny!

Macro Photography

This lens is primarily a telephoto lens but can easily be utilised as a macro lens. It offers a field of view of 6°8' (by frame diagonal) and minimum focusing distance of 1.15m. In addition, it provides a magnification ratio of 1:2.5 which enables the capture of an object with size 6x9cm on full-frame. As a result, you can play with macro photography and avoid capturing shadows whilst lining up your close-up shot. Equally, thanks to the unique Donut bokeh effect, you can get creative, setting up ethereal miniature scenes.

A Range of Different Lens Mounts:

The available kits includes the standalone Tokina SZX 400mm f8 Reflex MF Lens and a specific lens mount adapter. The lens was built as a 400mm but on APS-C bodies, it’ll provide an equalivant focal length. These include:

Tokina SZX 400mm f8 Reflex MF Nikon F Canon EF Micro 4/3 Sony E Fujifilm X
Equivalent focal range 400/600mm 400/600mm 800mm 400mm 600mm

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Tokina SZX 400mm f8 Reflex MF Lens
  • 1 x Lens Mount Adapter
  • 1 x BH-673 Lens Hood

Tokina SZX 400mm f8 Reflex MF Sample Images:

Sample Image
Sample Image
Sample Image


What does SZX stand for?

Tokina has taken inspiration from their esteemed SZ-X series that brought about some stunning lenses in the 1980s and 1990s. The S stands for Satisfaction. The Z stands for Zest. X stands for Exciting.

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Product Specification

Lens mount Fujifilm X
Camera Lens Type Telephoto Prime
Filter thread (mm) 67
Focal length (tele) 400
Focal length (wide) 400
Focus mechanism Manual
Image stabilisation No
Included Accessories T-Mount to Fujifilm X Mount Adapter
Lens elements 6
Lens groups 5
Max aperture - tele 8
Max aperture - wide 8
Minimum Focus Distance (m) 1.15
Size 74mm x 76.8mm
Weight (g) 355
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Product Code: 1767761-wex Manufacturers Part Number: 710450.0