Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly 724 (Super Bright)
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Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly 724 (Super Bright)

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The Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly 724 (Super Bright) is an upgraded version of the classic 724 Sensor Cleaning brush.The built in LED can be used to illuminate the sensor and make dust locating an easier task, as well as reducing the possibility of fibres being dragged accidentally against the surrounding cavity. This in turn reduces smearing of the sensor caused by contaminated fibres. The Arctic Butterfly's rotary engine has been modified to generate an optimal centrifugal force that enables speedy dust rejection while increasing the charge enhancement of the fibres. Other design improvements include implementing nano-coating technology for charge enhancement and using super thin fibres for maximum lift capability. Because of its safety features, all models of Arctic Butterfly can be safely used on ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) coated sensor and DLSRs with built in sensor cleaning systems. Click the further details tab on how to use.

Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly 724 (Super Bright) main features

  • Three Stage Power Button On/Off - Equipped with Bright LED light
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Enhanced fiber cleaning through patented rotary motion
  • No canned air - Completely travel safe
  • Super-Charged Fiber Technology
  • Metal ferrule is attached to the body of the Arctic Butterfly through a non-conductive joint

The ideal dry sensor cleaning solution!
The Arctic Butterfly Sensor Brush is the only way to go when it comes to 'dry' cleaning your digital sensor. In just minutes you can safely go from shooting pictures with 'sun spots' to crystal clear images. With its ease of use and excellent quality results, you might soon wonder how you ever lived without it! The Arctic Butterfly Sensor Brush comes with a sleek case. Requires one AAA battery (not included).

IMPORTANT! If you own a Canon 1D (any version), Canon 1Ds (any version) or the Canon 5D (any version), please read this:
Digital SLR cameras contain mechanical parts: shutters, mirror complexes that move very quickly every time a picture is taken, causing friction. To reduce heat and wear, manufactures use various types of lubricants and oils on these parts. Some of these lubricants may splash onto the camera chamber area or onto the sensor itself. When cleaning the sensor with an Arctic Butterfly care must be taken not to come into contact with the chamber walls, contaminating the bristles and smearing it onto the sensor. It is also possible to smear a droplet of oil that has already landed on the sensor. For smears Visible Dust reccomend using their Smear Away fluid and appropriate swabs.

How to use

  • First of all spin the brush to recharge the bristles (not inside the camera)
  • After recharging the bristles, insert the brush and very lightly draw the bristles over the width of the sensor. The use of the bright LED illuminates the sensor making dust locating an easier task.
  • Take the brush out from inside the camera and spin the brush again to remove any debris that has been collected
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Product Specification

For Use With D + SLR Cameras and lenses
Type Sensor Cleaning Brush
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