Wimberley P40 Quick Release Plate
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Wimberley P40 Quick Release Plate

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Wimberley P40 Quick Release Plate. One a line of Arca-Swiss style quick-release plates for collared lenses. These plates have important innovative features that distinguish them from other plates on the market. Lens feet with larger 3/8" mounting holes require insertion of a 3/8" to 1/4" reducer bushing to fasten plates using these holes.

Key Features

  • Dual Safety Stops The safety stops at the front & back of the Wimberley P40 plate prohibit your lens from accidentally slipping out of the quick release adapter(easily removed with supplied hex wrench if desired).
  • Double-Dovetail Cross-Section The Wimberley double-dovetail design allows attachment of their Shape Shifter flash bracket system to the upper or lower surface of the P40 plate.
  • Works with All Common Flash Brackets Drilled holes accept flash arms from Kirk & Really Right Stuff
  • Combine with two Module 1 Quick Release Arms(B&H item code "WIM1") for a brilliant support base for using your long lens atop a beanbag

The P40 plate is for use with the following lenses:

    Nikon: 200-400mm MF, 200-400mm VR(or AP-554 ?), 500mm 4.0 AF-I, 500mm 4.0 AF-S I, 500mm 4.0 AF-S II, 500mm 4.0 AF-S VR

    Canon: 500mm 4.5, 500mm 4.0 IS

    Sigma: TS-41 Foot+Collar, 50-500mm, 80-400mm 4.5

    Leica: 280-560mm P-40 + BS-100, 400-800mm P-40 + BS-100

    Olympus (Zuiko digital): 90-250mm 2.8

    Pentax: 500mm 4.5 MF SMCP

    Note for Sigma Lenses: The above recommendations assume that the standard factory foot is installed on the lens. It has come to our attention that Sigma sometimes installs their larger TS-41 Replacement Collar and Foot on their lenses. We suggest that you measure the length of the foot on your lens to make sure that our suggested plate is correct (the plate should be about 1" longer than the foot on your lens).

    Please note ? - Lens has the option of using a standard plate, or a replacement foot. The replacement foot (e.g. AP-554, AP-602...) is the lightest, most compact solution, and it is the mandatory choice if you are using the Wimberley Sidekick. However, the standard plate (e.g. P-50, P-40...) allows you to keep your factory lens foot in place, and provides a better handle for carrying your lens.

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Product Specification

For use with for Nikon 400 f2.8, Nikon 500 f4, Canon 500 f4
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Product Code: 15131-wex Manufacturers Part Number: P40