Zhiyun Smooth Q3 Combo
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Zhiyun Smooth Q3 Combo

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The Zhiyun Smooth Q3 is a compact, portable and feature-rich 3-axis gimbal designed for your smartphone, helping you capture super-stable and smooth video footage. The Zhiyun Smooth Q3 builds off the success of its predecessor with a range of new features and an updated design. The gimbal is lighter and smaller than the Q2 but can hold a larger maximum payload. It has a more ergonomic design with an intuitive button layout that supports switching between landscape and portrait modes. In addition to the design, there's a 180° rotatable fill light with three light levels that is perfect for vlogging and selfies, helping you produce evenly lit content. The gimbal is unlocked with the use of Zhyiyun's ZY Cami app that offers a wide range of modes, templates and a content editor, as well as offers an instant dolly-zoom and a MagicClone Pano tool for creative shooting options. Finally, further aiding the production value of your content, is an effective one-tap SmartFollow 3.0 and innovative gesture control system

Zhiyun Smooth Q3 Key Features:

  • Designed to enhance your creative workflow
  • A super-compact, portable, feature-rich 3-axes gimbal
  • Smaller, lighter and more ergonomic than its predecessor
  • Helps you capture super-smooth, stable & professional footage
  • A 180° rotatable fill light is perfect for vlogging and selfies
  • A clear and intuitive button layout for one-handed use
  • Unlock the Smooth Q3 with ZY Cami app for both iOS & Android
  • ZY Cami app offers a range of modes, templates & an editor
  • Super-useful, app-operated SmartFollow 3.0 object tracking
  • Innovative gesture control helps improve productions
  • Provides creative options such as an instant dolly zoom
  • 17 SmartMode built-in templates speed up content creation
  • Numerous filters offer vibrant, dynamic and stunning visuals
  • Preset landscape, portrait and panorama shooting modes
  • MagicClone Pano to show different sides of you
  • Simple to connect to your phone using Bluetooth 4.2

Expanded Zhiyun Smooth Q3 Key Features:

A New Design

The Smooth Q3 builds off the foundations of the Q2, improving in many areas that result in an overall smoother, more intuitive and more enjoyable user experience. With a super-compact and highly portable design, it weighs only 340g but boasts a higher maximum payload of 280g, ideal for some larger smartphones. It features a redesign that is sleeker and features a more ergonomic and intuitive button layout that offers smoother operation, especially for single-handed use.

The three-axis gimbal structure provides impressively smooth and stable footage with the range to tilt 340°, roll 340° and pan 300°, making it possible to capture a wide range of different types of shots. The unit has a classic sliding design that enables quick and efficient folding and packing away, as well as being equipped with a lock screw that improves the slide smoothness. Another addition to this iteration is a 4,300k warm-toned, integrated 180° rotatable fill light with three levels of brightness, helping to produce higher quality footage where you or your subjects are more evenly lit.

The ZY Cami App

The dedicated ZY Cami app is what helps you unlock the SMOOTH-Q3's true potential, offering a range of advanced functions and intelligent creative features. It's never been easier to capture and produce dramatic and engaging content with the likes of industry-leading 17 SmartMode built-in templates that speed up your creative process. You can use the ZY Cami Editor to add customised templates with a range of music, special effects and filters for vibrant, dynamic and stunning visuals. What's more, is that combining the Smooth Q3 and the ZY Cami app enables an intuitive gesture control system so you can film and make adjustments hands-free. There's an instant Dolly Zoom and a MagicClone Pano both of which are super easy to set up and operate. But perhaps one of the most important additions to this gimbal and its companion app is the SmartFollow 3.0 Object Tracking - This tracking software is highly effective and will help you create more engaging and professional video content.

ZY Prime

Included in the Smooth Q3 Combo package is a limited free membership to ZY Prime. This service gives you the chance to further improve the footage and production value of your content. What's included? The membership offers access to a wider array of templates, music, special effects and filters, and allows you to do this on the fly, editing right away. You can also edit online so that you can share your videos instantly to your social media platforms. These additional templates are set to elevate any content to the next level.

Another additional feature of the membership is the ability to turn your smartphone into a remote control with ZY Remo. This allows you to switch between shooting modes and monitoring, and this is an incredibly valuable feature with the final membership-only - AILive. The AILive feature has been designed to offer effective face-tracking over multiple live-streaming platforms, something that is not possible when just streaming from your phone alone. This feature can even be used in other cameras, glamour effect apps and video apps. So, when combined, you can have effective face-tracking and the ability to switch between shooting modes and monitoring.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Zhiyun SMOOTH-Q3 Stabiliser
  • 1 x Mini Tripod
  • 1 x USB Type-C Charging Cable
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x SMOOTH-Q3 Protective Bag
  • 1 x Prime Membership Card

Zhiyun Smooth Q3 Product Video:

ZHIYUN SMOOTH-Q3 | Illuminate to Create


Will my phone fit?

The mounting clamp of the Smooth Q3 will support smartphone thickness from 7mm to 10mm which combined with the maximum 280g payload, should accommodate most modern smartphones.

What is a dolly zoom?

Dolly zoom is a creative cinematic effect that has been used throughout the history of cinema where a subject appears to stay still whilst the background quickly zooms in and out. This bizarre creative effect can give the sense of motion and drama within your scene.

What is the SmartFollow 3.0 and how do I use it?

The SmartFollow 3.0 technology that you can use with this gimbal is an intelligent object tracking feature that will track objects, keeping them in focus whilst you record. It's simple to use and can be activated with a simple press of the trigger and subject selection on your smartphone screen.

How long will the battery last on a single charge?

The built-in battery has a capacity of 1300mAh which as standard should provide around 7 hours of use, but depending on use, this could be extended to 13 hours. The battery will then take approximately 3 hours to fully charge.

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Product Specification

Max Load [g] 260
Type Gimbal
Weight [g] 341.00
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