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Zoom SGV-6 Vocal Mic for V3 nd V6

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The Zoom SGV-6 Vocal Mic for V3 and V6 vocal processor is a directional shotgun vocal microphone that isolates your voice from other ambient sounds and picks it up to transfer it to Zoom V3 and V6 for modulation. Three microphone elements with special sound processing help the SGV-6 vocal mic to accomplish its goal. When the vocal processor gets a voice without interference, it modulates voice with impeccable accuracy which takes your vocal reproduction to a new level. Each of the three SGV-6 mic units has the sensitivity of -46dB/Pa at 1 kHz. with a maximum sound pressure input of 140 dB SPL.

Zoom SGV-6 Vocal Mic for V3 and V6 Key Features:

  • Compatible with V6 and V3 vocal processor
  • 3 directional microphone elements
  • Super cardioid structure for special processing
  • Sensitivity at -46dB/Pa at 1 kHz
  • Received input of 140 dB SPL sound pressure level (max.)

Expanded Zoom SGV-6 Vocal Mic for V3 and V6 Key Features:

High Quality Sound Modulation

The SGV-6 Vocal Mic is a shotgun microphone that consists of 3 mic elements with super cardioid structure that facilitates seamless pickup of a sound, eliminating any interference from the sound of other instruments and ambience. Picking up sound and sending it to the vocal processors enables impeccable sound modulation, helping you get high-quality audio production.

Compatibility with V3 and V6 Processor

This vocal mic can be easily connected to a V3 or V6 sound processor that modulates one’s voice with matchless accuracy. It takes your musical live performance to a new level by eliminating any sound muddling and providing the best quality sound recording as well as reproduction.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Zoom SGV-6 Vocal Microphone for V6 and V3 Vocal Processors


Why is the Zoom SGV6 called a Shotgun microphone?

The Zoom SGV-6 Vocal Mic for V3 and V6 microphone receives sound straight on like a shotgun with the help of 3-mic elements with special processing. It eliminates the chance of any sound interference from ambience or instruments, thereby letting sound inflow to a V3 or V6 vocal processor.

Can I use the Zoom SGV-6 Vocal Microphone for live performances?

Being an innovative vocal mic, the Zoom SGV-6 Vocal Mic for V3 and V6 is designed in such a way that it isolates your voice from other sounds and sends only your voice to the V3 or V6 processor. The V6 processor modulates such sound to a high accuracy. This makes it suitable for live performances.

How does it compare with other Zoom dynamic microphones?

Unlike the Zoom SGV-6 Vocal Mic for V3 and V6 that has a shotgun like structure, the Zoom dynamic microphone comes with a large-diaphragm dynamic design that produces broadcast quality sound. Besides this, it has a built-in humbucking circuit for rejecting any electromagnetic interference.

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Product Specification

Pick-up pattern Cardioid, Supercardioid
Type Shotgun
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Product Code: 1759698-wex Manufacturers Part Number: SGV-6