Zoom V6 Vocal Processor
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Zoom V6 Vocal Processor

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The V6 Vocal Processor from Zoom comes with over 10 studio-grade effects, which is perfect for your live performance, taking your music experience to the next level. With the new Formant pedal, built-in looper, and 40 preloaded patches, the V6 will enhance the formant of your voice bringing radical changes in your voice quality without making any changes in its pitch. You can choose the sound patch, create and save your own. It comes with an excellent SGV-6 mic that isolates sound and provides sound of specific frequency to the V6 processor. This vocal processor will allow you to take your studio-quality musical production from studio to the club effortlessly. The usage of an accessible expression pedal that shifts voice formant is unique in this vocal processor.

Zoom V6 Vocal Processor Key Features:

  • Provides over 10 studio-grade effects
  • Consists of 40 preset patches
  • Formant shift pedal to adjust vocal characters in real time
  • In-built looper for recording up to 3:30 minutes
  • Uses 3 vocal processors from the Voice, Effect and the Harmony sections
  • USB 2.0 audio interface for recording up to 16/24/32-bit, 44.1 kHz.
  • In-built compressor for optimising input signal levels
  • USB port for firmware updates, power and audio recording
  • Comes with SGV-6 shotgun microphone
  • Runs for 3.5 hours on four AA batteries

Expanded Zoom V6 Vocal Processor Key Features:

Complete Vocal Processing Unit

The Zoom V6 is an excellent vocal processor that provides over 10 studio-grade effects and modulates voice to the best quality. Recorders and performers can make the most of their vocal performance with 100 user memory slots, studio-effects and looping function. You can explore new levels of creativity that comes with a Formant Shift pedal that allows vocal modification in real time.

Create your own Vocal Patch

People can choose their desired sound from 40 preloaded patches. They can mix and match or experiment to create their own and save it. There are 100 user preset locations or memory slots for storage of presets.

Add Effects in Presentation in Real-Time

A V6 processor allows the user to harmonise and add effects in their voice in real-time. They can choose modifications in voice, harmony and effects from a given list of categories. Besides this, the Zoom V6 local processor also allows 3:30 minutes of recording time with its in-built looper.

Shotgun Mic for Best Sound Modulation

Isolating various sounds onstage can be quite difficult. The Zoom V6 processor comes with a SGV-6 shotgun mic that helps in unidirectional flow of sound to the V6 for enhanced processing. And with phantom power, you can have your own mic offering you maximum convenience.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x V6 Vocal Processor
  • 1 x AD-16 AC Adapter
  • 1 x SGV-6 Shotgun Microphone
  • 1 x Quick Guide
  • 1 x Patch Memory List


How does this V6 processor offer excellent sound modulation?

The Zoom V6 Vocal Processor comes with an expression pedal that can help you formant your voice and change its vocal characters without changing the pitch. With several advanced features like studio-grade effects, formant pedal and in-built looper, and 40 preload patches, V6 processor provides the best vocal processing one can reckon with.

Does this vocal processor help you create your own sound patches?

With the innovative V6 processor offering performers to choose sound according to their favourite settings and various sound patches, they can truly enjoy the best musical experience. Besides this, the Zoom V6 Vocal Processor helps you dub sounds, create your own patches and save them in memory slots.

Does this vocal processor also allow recording?

With a built-in looper, the Zoom V6 Vocal Processor allows people to record their voice for 3:30 minutes using the USB port and looper. You can get considerable benefits on purchasing this high-quality vocal processor that will take your EDM from studio to the club.

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Product Specification

Channels XLR Mic Input
Dimensions H77 x W320 x D181mm
Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz
Included Accessories 4x AA batteries, Zoom AD-16 AC Adapter
Inputs XLR jack Input gain: +3 - +40 dBMaximum Input level: +4 dBuInput impedance: 3 kΩ or higher (1 kHz)Phantom power: +48 V
Phantom Power Yes
Size H77 x W320 x D181mm
Type Processor
Weight 1560g
Manufacturers Link Zoom
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