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Zoom ZUM-2 USB Podcast Mic Pack

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The Zoom ZUM-2 USB Podcast Mic Pack provides everything you need to record, podcast and stream audio with your computer. This pack comes loaded with the best of Zoom’s tech, including the ZUM-2 super-cardioid mic, the ZHP-2 closed-back headphones and the portable TPS-4 Tabletop Tripod. Tie it all together with the other included accessories for a professional setup that brings your audio to life.

Zoom ZUM-2 USB Podcast Mic Pack Key Features:

  • An all-inclusive, plug-and-play kit for recording high-quality audio
  • ZUM-2 USB microphone captures smooth, broadcast-quality sound
  • Directional super-cardioid polar pattern minimises unwanted sounds
  • ZHP-2 professional closed-back headphones let you hear every detail
  • The compact, portable TPS-4 Tabletop Tripod makes setup easy anywhere
  • Custom windscreen for ZUM-2 minimises breezes, breaths and pops
  • Included 2-meter USB cable allows you to connect to any computer
  • All components feature premium build quality for lasting, durable use

Expanded Zoom ZUM-2 USB Podcast Mic Pack Key Features:

Zoom ZUM-2 USB Microphone

The ZUM-2 allows you to experience the warm, smooth sound of a professional broadcast microphone in a simple plug-and-play setup. The super-cardioid polar pattern captures your voice clearly while reducing room noise and other unwanted sounds for a clean recording every time. With a 24-bit/96 kHz resolution, the ZUM-2 delivers first-rate audio ideal for podcasters, YouTubers, streamers and more.

Zoom ZHP-2 Dynamic Stereo Headphones

Zoom’s ZHP-2 Dynamic Stereo Headphones deliver detailed, full-range sound that ensures excellent isolation and reduced noise bleed. Designed for monitoring broadcasts, music, and more, the rotatable earcups provide easy single-ear monitoring ideal for working on set. Thanks to the self-adjusting headband and leatherette earpads you can find a comfortable fit that works for any head size.

Zoom TPS-4 Tripod Stand for Microphones

The Zoom TPS-4 Tripod Stand is the ideal companion for travelling podcasters and vocalists needing to record on the fly. With an adjustable height between 3.5” and 5”, this tripod is suited to flexible tabletop use. Its design is both lightweight and compact to offer impressive portability and the universal 5/8"-27 metal thread accommodates most mic clips, shock mounts, and integral mic threads.

Zoom ZUM-2 USB Podcast Mic Pack Accessories

The included Pivoted Mic Stand Mount attaches to your microphone and the TPS-4 Desktop Tripod Stand to provide improved manoeuvrability and positioning. The mount can also be attached to optional boom arms and other accessories so you can customise your setup to suit you. A Custom-Fitted Foam Windscreen is also included to protect the ZUM-2 microphone from breezes, breaths and pops, giving you clean recordings without muffling your sound.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x ZUM-2 USB Microphone
  • 1 x ZHP-2 Dynamic Stereo Headphones
  • 1 x TPS-4 Desktop Tripod Stand
  • 1 x Pivoting Mic Stand Mount
  • 1 x Foam Windscreen
  • 1 x 2-Meter (6.56 ft.) USB Type-C to Type-A Cable
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide

Zoom ZUM-2 USB Podcast Mic Pack Product Video:

Zoom ZUM-2 PMP: USB Podcast Mic Pack - Introduction


How can I setup Audio Monitoring through the ZUM-2?

For audio monitoring using the ZUM-2, you will need to select the device as both the input and output on your computer. This will allow you to hear your computer audio through your headphones when plugged into the ZUM-2.

How do I use my ZUM-2 for narration whilst streaming?

You can use your ZUM-2 for narration using OBS. Select sources and create a new Audio Input Capture. You can name the input however you like, then select the ZUM-2 as the device and apply. This will allow you to use the ZUM-2 for narration whilst streaming game audio, music and other audio inputs.

Is the Dynamic Driver on the headphones good?

Using magnetic technologies to make the diaphragm 'move' air and produce sound, dynamic drivers are capable of louder bass and greater attack without consuming too much power. They are the most commonly used type of driver in headphones.

What is the size of the thread on the Zoom TPS-4?

The Zoom TPS-4 Tripod Stand has a universal 5/8"-27 metal thread to accommodate most mic clips, shock mounts, and integral mic threads.

How is the height adjusted on the Zoom TPS-4?

The height of the Tripod Stand is adjusted using a simple twist clutch mechanism and collapsible legs.

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