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Aputure Light Storm 60D Adjustable Focusing Light

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The Aputure Light Storm 60X and 60D are versatile, portable and rugged adjustable focusing lights. Both models feature a robust IP54 weatherproof shell which will allow you to continue capturing your subject and/or scene even if the weather turns for the worst. The 60X offers expanded bi-colour range of 2700-6500K, whilst the 60D has a warm 5600K output for balanced daylight. Both models offer 0-100% adjustable brightness, 95+ CRI/TLCI and a versatile adjustable beam angle from 15 to 45°. In addition, these lights offer a range of built-in creative lighting effects which will help you to transform your scene, adding drama and emotion all accessible through the intuitive on-board LED menu or via the Sidus Link App.

Aputure Light Storm Adjustable Focusing Light Key Features:

  • The 60X has an expanded bi-colour range of 2700-6500K
  • The 60D has a warm 5600K output for balanced daylight
  • Impressive and accurate CRI/TLCI of 95
  • 0-100% adjustable brightness
  • An adjustable beam angle from 15 to 45°
  • Dual NP-F battery plate slots
  • 9 Built-In creative lighting effects
  • Versatile IP54 Weatherproofing
  • An active integrated cooling system
  • Includes barndoors for shaping light
  • Intuitive On-board LED Menu
  • Remote Control via Sidus Link

Expanded Aputure Light Storm Adjustable Focusing Light Key Features:

The 60D & 60X

This series of lights offers two different lights - The 60X and the 60D, both of which are designed for different purposes.

The Light Storm 60X is a 60 watt, expanded Bi-Colour and adjustable focusing LED fixture. The Bi-Colour CCT range offers adjustable colour temperature from 2700K-6500K, and you can make use of the Aputure built-in customer CCT presents, too. To add this to, this light achieved an impressive CRI/TLCI score of 95+, SSI (Tungsten) of 86, and an SSI (D56) of 74. Finally, with custom-built Aputure aspehrical optics, the 60X will output 30,000+ lux when in full spot mode!

The Light Storm 60D, another 60 watt light, but is a Daylight Focusing LED fixture. This light features the same custom Aputure aspherical optics but can output 50,000+ lux in full spot mode, or 8,300+ lux in flood mode. Colour-wise, the 60D provides a consistent, balanced and highly accurate warm 5600K, and scored the same CRI/TLCI score of 95+ and an SSI (D56) of 72.

Versatile Design

Unlike other LED light heads on the market, this light from Aputure offers versatile IP54 water and dust-proofing. This weatherproofing allows you to continue filming or photographing even when weather may turn for the worst. In addition, this light is equipped with a super-quiet 18dB cooling fan design which not only keeps your LED light from overheating but it stops the sound of the cooling fan from interrupting your video footage.

Power Options

Both the Aputure Light Storm 60X and 60D LED lamps offer a range of power options which add to the overall versatility of the lights. You can take advantage of the modular V-Mount receiver on its yoke which is compatible with various power options, including the AC adapter, D-Tap (V-Mount) Batteries, and the intelligent Dual NP-F Battery Plate.

Get Creative

The Aputure Light Storm series of lights offer some exciting and creative lighting effects that can help you transform your scenes, adding drama and suspense to help you convey your story and set the mood. These effects include the likes of Paparazzi, Fireworks, Lightning, Faulty Bulb, TV, Pulsing and Strobe.

Shape Your Light

The light includes a set of barndoors. The 8-leaf barndoors allow you to shape your light to best suit your scene and desired effect. This style is more precise than traditional barndoors thanks to two pairs of addition helper flags on each door, allows you to have more creative control of how the light falls on your subject and/or scene. This series of lights is also compatible with the optional LS 60 Softbox, LS square soft light modifier, and the Spotlight Mini Zoom.

Also, the Light Storm 60D/X includes a custom Bowens Mount Adapter which opens up a huge range of light modifier options. Bowens is well known for controlling light and you'll have complete access to almost every single modifier in their range.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Aputure Light Storm Adjustable Focusing Light
  • 1 x Barndoors
  • 1 x Power Supply with Cable
  • 1 x NP-F Battery Plate Adapter
  • 1 x D-Tap Cable
  • 1 x Carrying Case

Aputure Light Storm Adjustable Focusing Light Product Video:

Introducing the Aputure 60d & 60x


What is the max output?

In full 15-degree spot mode, the 60D can output 50,000 lux at 1 meter. The 60X can emit a max of 30,000 lux.

Can these lights be controlled remotely?

Yes! You can take advantage of the Sidus Link Control App. This technology allows you to control up to 100 lights in the palm of your hand. You can adjust light intensity, SFX, colour temperature and more! It will transform your workflow.

What batteries does this light take?

There are various options available to you including D-Tap (V-Mount) Batteries as well as the option to use the intelligent Dual NP-F Battery plate.

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Product Specification

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Product Code: 1765582-wex Manufacturers Part Number: LS 60D