FUJINON MKX T2.9 Lens Duo Announced


Fujifilm complements the announcement of its X-H1 with the reveal of two X Series cinema lenses


FUJINON MKX T2.9 Lens Duo Announced

For more information on the lenses or to pre-order, visit the Wex Photo Video website. FUJINON MKX 18-55mm and 50-135mm.


Fujifilm’s X-H1 features some very respectable video specifications, so it’s not surprising that the company has chosen to release a pair of high-performance cinema lenses for its X Series on the same day. The 18-55mm and 50-135mm FUJINON MKX T2.9 lenses are the first fully manual cinema lenses compatible with the X Series.

As you’d expect from quality glass, both lenses are designed for high optical performance and comfort. Both highly compact offerings weigh in at a mere 1,080g and make use of the X Mount’s short flange focal distance. The 18-55mm covers a focal distance of 27-84mm and the 50-135mm covers a focal distance of 76-206mm (both in 35mm equivalent). The optics will perform at T2.9 across their entire zoom range for shallow depths of field, and when the conditions are right, stunning bokeh.

The FUJINON MKX duo is optimised for video production and built to minimise both focus and optical axis shift when zooming. Due to the presence of a front inner-focusing system, lens breathing is also reduced. Focus shift is prevented as each optic’s focusing and zooming lens elements work independently, removing the need to re-focus when zooming. (The optical and mechanical build prevents lag.)


FUJINON MKX T2.9 Lens Duo Announced


Focus, zoom and aperture rings work independently for precise manual control, and like other FUJINON cine lenses, all operation rings have a gear pitch of 0.8M. The Focus rings allow for up to 200° of rotation for better precision, and the iris doesn’t click when adjusted, allowing for silent, shake-free operation.

The lenses sport similar construction, with 22 glass elements in 17 groups including two ED lens elements — the MKX 18-55mm contains six super ED lens elements and the MKX 50-135mm features two. Each lens features an 85mm front diameter and 82mm filter thread, meaning suitably-sized matte boxes and filter accessories can be shared across both lenses.

The versatility of each MKX optic is boosted via the presence of a macro function, allowing for close-up shooting. The 18-55mm allows for a minimum focusing distance of 0.85m (0.38m at the wide end) and the 50-135mm allows for 1.2m (0.85m at the wide end).


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