December Wex Gallery Competition Winners!


"Still Life" photography is an image that you have usually created yourself to portray a particular scene of objects that do not move. A bowl of fruit, a vase of flowers and a variety of kitchen ornaments are often used and work well when trying to create textured and atmospheric still life examples. You would have seen various still life paintings to this affect. Still life is a fun art form and enables you to be creative and take full control over lighting, shadows, shapes, background and composition. Our lighting expert Steve Aves has experimented with still life himself, you can view his post on the Wex Blog.

In first place: Stainless Reflection by Fraser MacMillan

A little bit about the photo: The items were placed on a sheet of glass and back lit using an LED torch on a white piece of card. I used a Panasonic DMC-G3 camera with a 12-35mm lens, tripod and remote shutter release.

In second place: Abstract Boat by Karlmarx Rajangam

Karl talks us through the image: This was taken in Oxford, the subject being one of the canal side boats. I sometime go for walk along this path, passing some colourful boats, and often I look-think about abstract composition of them. And I took few abstract snaps, this one being my favourite. I felt this not only shows the colours & shapes, but also something about the the object - the boat parts. 

You can view more of Karl's work on his websites: Flickr and Photobox

In third place: Electric Laces by George Griffin

Additional photo info:  The electric laces was taken on a hiking trip and it was one of the last pictures I took while playing around with a maglite torch. A lot of my attempts were light painting of a tent and this was the only one that actually came out right and looked good.

You can view more of George's work on his website: Flickr

A few more of our favourites!

Straws by ianc / Equipment Used: Pentax SP1000, FP4, 50mm lens + extension tubes


Autumn rose and maple leaf in a bird bath by earlyriser / Equipment Used: Canon SX120 is 1/60th f8


Golden Delicious by bev / Equipment Used: Canon 1000D, EF 28-135, 125s F8, daylight lamp & tripod


Autumn leaf by Dockie / Equipment Used: Nikon D90, 18-105mm, F/4,6


Antique watch face by Chris Bridgwater / Equipment Used: Canon EOS 50D


Flower in antique medicine bottle by teemax / Equipment Used: Canon EOS 5D M2/ 50mm Lens/ f22 @1sec / flash


 A big thank you to everyone who entered!