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Capture One Pro 22

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Capture One Pro is an award-winning photo software that’s designed for simple, intuitive editing. Its equipped with an easy to use interface and powerful tools for editing and managing your images. Annual updates bring upon new and exciting features that enhance and diversify your professional workflow. The Capture One Pro 22 update includes Panorama Stitching, HDR Merging, and Wireless Tethering.

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Capture One Pro 22 Key Features:

  • The Capture One Pro 22 update further enriches this impressive software
  • Hugely versatile & impressive image editing & processing software
  • Offers enhanced RAW image processing for professional workflows
  • An expansive array of powerful editing tools for colour correction and more
  • Advanced layer and masking capabilities, and customisable settings
  • User-selectable shortcut keys enable faster editing and image selection
  • Industry-leading noise reduction retains colours and details in photographs
  • Basic Colour Editor enables simple hue, saturation & lightness adjustment
  • The "Learn" button allows quick access to a curated selection of tutorials
  • Impressively fast, efficient & industry-leading tethered shooting
  • Smart aѕѕеt manаgеmеnt tools help organise & manage image files
  • Enhanced White Balance Picker provides better consistency
  • HDR tool for highlight recovery, shadow boost & darkening
  • Support for HEIC files (8-bit), allowing editing on apple devices
  • Image Culling function increases workflow efficiency up to 50%
  • Complatible with both macOS and Windows systems

Please Note: This software is not compatible with every Mac iOS. Please refer to Capture One's Mac compatibility list here.

Expanded Capture One Pro 22 Key Features:

The 22 Update

The Capture One Pro 22 update further enriches this already expansive and award-winning photo editing software. Building upon existing tools and features, this version offers several main areas of improvement:

Panorama Stitching

This tool has been optimised for multi-row stitching. This method builds your image in all directions and as a result, produces a large, fully editable file. This can be worked on directly in Capture One Pro and allows you to produce beautifully large and distortion-free panoramic images with exceptional edge to edge detail.

HDR Merging

Designed for HDR imaging, this function can combine multiple RAW images with different exposures into a single, high dynamic range image. It’s the ideal tool for creating measuring images that feature different exposure levels such as sunsets landscapes or interior design. This can be used in conjunction with Capture One Pro’s expansive array of editing tools to lift shadows or lower highlights.

Auto Rotate

This is a simple but hugely useful and valuable tool - Auto Rotate. For the first time, Capture One has implemented an AI-driven tool that enables you to automatically rotate large image batches all at once. This is incredibly useful for the likes of wedding and events photographers, saving them time and therefore, money.

One for Canon Users

This update features wireless tethering support for select Canon cameras. This, of course, allows those with supported Canon cameras to wirelessly tether their camera to their computer or laptop. This provides unrivalled freedom to capture dynamic images from any angle in your studio space or shoot location with cables getting in the way or losing connection.

Past Updates

Past updates have included such features as a Speed Edit which allows you to work seamlessly without using the slider on the interface. You can hold down hotkeys, scroll, drag or use arrow keys for quick edits. ProStandard profiles were added to offer more authentic colours that allow the preservation of original in-camera colours, protecting hues from changes caused by contrast. An update for Apple users enabled support for HEIC files (8-bit) which allow for Capture One Pro's editing workflow on Apple Mac devices. And, an update from Capture One Pro 21 was the “Learn tool” which was specifically designed to help new users learn Capture One Pro’s processes, offering quick access to curated tutorials.

Enhanced Features

You'll have access to tools such as Basic Colour Editor, the High Dynamic Range tool and plenty of other features making the basic post-production workflow more efficient. The Crop Tool incorporates visible handles that allow you to easily visualise and transform crops. You can instantaneously crop from the centre, lock the aspect ratio via modifier keys or rotate the crop.

In addition, some enhanced features found in the previous versions of Capture One Pro include the improved copy/apply of layers. You can copy layers (including images with varying formats and sizes) and masks without replacing the existing layer on the destination photo. Other enhanced features include the Adjustment Clipboard, Browser Thumbnail Resolution (increased by 50%), and White Balance Picker that has been re-designed to deliver a much better consistency. In the past, the White Balance Picker's results could deviate depending on the noise of the image, an issue that has now been minimised.

User Interface

On top of the brand new tools, some smaller changes have been made to elevate your workflow further. Text has been added to icons so that you can find tools quickly and conveniently; the adjustment clipboard has been simplified, and masking tools are now much more accessible. Keyboard shortcuts are customisable and feature new shortcuts for zoom, full screen, and focus mask amongst other functions. Capture One even offers all the smallest of details that you might not think of, including being able to adjust the viewer background colour and get higher resolution thumbnails with just one click.


Capture One Pro supports a wide variety of cameras and is constantly evolving to facilitate the latest cameras and lenses to cater to the needs of both enthusiasts and professionals. RAW support is offered for all flagship camera brands in addition to profiling and image correction support for lenses. Individual camera's RAW formats are carefully evaluated and interpreted enabling the software to present images with the best fidelity.

Phase One prides itself on creating an editing software capable of bringing out nuances and subtleties, suitable for any style of work. For lenses, corrections for various common optical issues including chromatic aberration is available as needed. Thanks to this, you have the best possible version of your image to work with.


Is my camera supported?

Capture One Pro supports over 500 cameras including Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm and Leica. You can find a full list of supported cameras on Capture One Pro’s Supported Cameras page.

Will Capture One Pro support my lens?

There are lens profiles and image correction support for more than 500 lenses and growing.

Does Capture One Pro store the images in the cloud in real-time?

Capture One Pro does not have any built-in cloud storage, but you can use Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc to accomplish real-time syncing.

Can I purchase this to upgrade my existing Capture Pro One software version?

This is not an upgrade license, but rather the full software license. Purchasing this will not affect your current license, it will only add a second license to what you already have. Upgrading a current license would need to be done through Capture One directly.

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