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DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo

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Based on the design and success of its predecessor, the DJI Mini 2 is small but powerful, beginner-friendly and boasts impressive performance for such a tiny, lightweight aircraft. The Mini 2 sees upgrades across the board from improved motors, image transmission, camera performance, intelligent features, and an overall improved user experience. Most notably is the image transmission system which has been upgraded to OcuSync 2.0 from enhanced Wi-Fi, which offers a reliable and stable 10km range. As well as this, the Mini 2's 3-Axis gimbal assisted 12 MP camera is now capable of capturing stunningly crisp and clear 4K video footage. This is a hugely accessible drone option that gives any level of user the opportunity to experiment with drone flying and high-quality image capture.

DJI Mini 2 Key Features:

  • New and improved system
  • Ultra-lightweight and foldable
  • Strong and stable 3-Axis gimbal
  • Stunning ultra-clear 4K video
  • Reliable 4x digital zoom
  • A max flight time of 31-mins
  • A 10km video transmission range
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use
  • Beginner-friendly operation
  • Level 5 wind resistance
  • Intelligent modes & QuickShots
  • Weighs a tiny 249g
  • Fits in the palm of your hand

Expanded DJI Mini 2 Key Features:

The Fly More Combo

The Fly More Combo is designed for those who know they're going to need more power. The kit, unlike the standard version, comes with 3 Intelligent Flight Batteries, 3 Spare Pairs of Propellers and 18 Spare Screws. In addition to these extra parts, this kit also includes a safe Propeller Holder, a useful Two-way Charging Hub, DJI 18W USB Charger and a safe Shoulder Bag which will help you carry this extra gear to your shooting location.

Small Yet Powerful

This tiny drone is maybe small at just 249g, but it's packed with power. Using its very own DJI Intelligent Flight Battery, the Mini 2 has a maximum battery life of 31 minutes without stopping. This long battery life gives you ample time to compose your image for the most dramatic effects. In addition to this, the Mini 2 can resist level 5 winds and take off the maximum altitude of 4,000 meters! Your footage will be stable even if you're flying into a windy seaside scene or up above a forest treeline.

Fly Without Limitations

The Mini 2 is equipped with OcuSync 2.0 Video Transmission. This technology is what allows the Mini 2 to support a 10km HD video transmission range, as well as having impressive anti-interference capabilities that allow you to fly further and see more clearly without anything getting in the way.

Incredible Video & Photo Capabilities

Again, despite its tiny frame, it has the video capabilities to wow an audience. The Mini 2 is fitted with a 12MP camera that's able to capture stunning 4K/30fps video and beautiful still images. Its 3-axis motorised gimbal ensures your images are consistently smooth, no matter how adventurous or experimental your flying may get. As well as this, you also have a 4x digital zoom that allows you to get more safely and precisely switch between shots that vary in distance.

To enhance your videos and stills, the Mini 2 features a range of automated functions that will elevate any footage taken. You have access to five automatic flight patterns that will give your videos a professional and experimental feel (Dronie, Helix, Rocket, Circle, Boomerang), and you can select wide-angle, 180° and Sphere panoramas that only need be selected and the Mini 2 will do the rest, automatically generating stunning panoramas.

Finally, there's the option to use DJI's QuickShots (via the DJI Fly App) that will automatically capture professional-level videos that can be directly shared on your social media platforms. The DJI Fly App can also be utilised for its Enhanced Photo function that can automatically optimise and enhance your photos, providing more clarity and vivid, bright colours.

Intuitive & Easy-To-Use

The DJI Mini 2 is designed to be as intuitive as possible for the best user experience. Smart Return to Home, automatic takeoff and precise hoovering. These features make the use and operation of the Mini 2 safer and easier to fly. Location scouting can be tough, especially with restrictions in different zones etc. But this problem can be solved using the Mini 2 and DJI Fly App which can identify and highlight suitable fly spots for you!

Know the rules!

From November 2019, the minimum weight requirement to register a drone with the CAA is 250 grams - Technically this means that the tiny drone can be flown without a registration. However, qualifications are still needed for commercial drone use and even then, this doesn't mean you can fly your Mini 2 anywhere. Make sure you know the rules and consult the Drone Code before you fly, and if you want to fly commercially, you need to take the PfCO CAA exam (Permission for Commercial Operations).

What's in the box?

  • 1 x DJI Mini 2
  • 1 x Remote Controller
  • 3 x Intelligent Flight Battery
  • 3 x Spare Propellers (Pair)
  • 1 x Type-C Cable
  • 1 x Gimbal Protector
  • 1 x RC Cable (Micro USB connector)
  • 1 x RC Cable (USB-C connector)
  • 1 x RC Cable (Lightning connector)
  • 1 x Spare Control Sticks (Pair)
  • 18 x Spare Screw
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x Propeller Holder
  • 1 x Two-Way Charging Hub
  • 1 x DJI 18W USB Charger
  • 1 x Shoulder Bag


What are the main upgrades of DJI Mini 2 compared to DJI Mini?

The Mini 2 has upgraded motors, image transmission, camera performance, intelligent features, and user experience. Most notably is the image transmission system which has been upgraded to OcuSync 2.0 from enhanced Wi-Fi.

Does DJI Mini 2 support obstacle avoidance?

No, it doesn't support this. However, you can use the Mini 2 with the 360° Propeller Guard to fully protect the propellers and improve flight safety. This guard is sold separately.

What is DJI Mini 2's maximum video transmission resolution?

The max video transmission resolution is 720p and 30fps.

Can DJI Mini 2 track objects automatically?

No. The Mini 2 does not have this feature.

Does the DJI Mini 2 have Return Home?

Yes, the Mini 2 does have a Smart Return to Home function.

Are batteries of DJI Mini 2 and Mini interchangeable?

No, you cannot use the Mini battery with DJI Mini 2.

How long does it take the Mini 2 to charge?

You can use an ordinary USB charger with your DJI Mini 2. But the aircraft also supports QC and USB PD fast-charging protocols, supporting up to 29 W of input power. This means you can fully charge your battery in approx. one hour.

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Product Specification

Battery Model 2250 mAh
Camera FOV [Degrees] 83.0
Camera Included 1/2.3” CMOS
Camera Megapixels 12
Climb Speed [m|s] 5 m/s (S Mode)
Controller Operating Frequency 2.400-2.4835 GHz, 5.725-5.850 GHz
Descent Speed [m|s] 3.5 m/s (S Mode)
Dimensions Folded: 138×81×58 mm (L×W×H) Unfolded: 159×203×56 mm (L×W×H)
Features 4K Video
Flight Time [Minutes] 31
Included Accessories Remote Controller, Intelligent Flight Battery x 3, Spare Propellers (Pair) x 3, Type-C Cable, Gimbal Protector, RC Cable (Micro USB connector), RC Cable (USB-C connector), RC Cable (Lightning connector), Spare Control Sticks (Pair), Spare Screws, Screwdriver, Propeller Holder, Two-Way Charging Hub, DJI 18W USB Charger, Shoulder Bag
Max Flight Speed [m|s] 16 m/s (S Mode)
Type Drones
Weight [g] 249.00
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