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DroboShare Network Attached Companion

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DroboShare is a Gigabit Ethernet Companion to Drobo and provides the most reliable and expandable networked storage system for sharing your data. DroboShare is the ideal solution for sharing and streaming media in the home and the office and provides the fastest and easiest setup experience of any network attached storage product, not only out of the box, but also once you are up and running. Simply plug it in and you're good to go. Rock steady reliability ensures that you will stay connected, never again suffering another “dropped” network connection. DroboShare can support two simultaneously connected Drobos. This means your networked storage can grow up to a theoretical 32TB on a single DroboShare since each Drobo can grow to 16TB as hard drive sizes expand. Since you're using Drobo, you can rest assured knowing your storage is not only safe, but also expandable at any time.

Main Features

Gigabit Ethernet
Whether you’re sharing video in a production studio or streaming a high definition movie to your home media center, the ability to share your data over a local network is critical. DroboShare is equipped with Gigabit Ethernet to meet your demanding requirements.

Automatic setup—in just seconds.
Forget everything you’ve ever known about setting up network attached storage; DroboShare is radically simple to set up. Just plug it in. You’ll wonder why you ever spent hours upon hours configuring other solutions.
Drobo Dashboard, the free software utility that comes with every Drobo and DroboShare, has the built-in intelligence to automatically search for every DroboShare on your network. Once it detects a DroboShare, it automatically mounts the drive and maps it to your operating system for Windows and OS X. You’ll never need to worry about the hassle of creating individual volume shares, mapping IP addresses, or creating lists of extra drive letters.

DroboApps are Here to Serve You
Want to do more with your DroboShare? Traditional NAS devices ship with a fixed feature set—that’s like buying a computer or mobile phone that won’t let you install your own applications. Drobo and DroboShare allow you to install the applications you want, when you want them. That means you can avoid the complexity of configuring applications you don’t want, but you also have the flexibility to use the applications you do want.
What is a DroboApp? A DroboApp can do just about anything, just like an application on your computer. Some popular DroboApps include:

  • Media
    • Firefly iTunes™ compatible media server
    • CTorrent BitTorrent™ client
    • Fuppes UPnP / DLNA media server
  • Remote Access
    • Yoics™ secure remote access
    • Lighttpd HTTP web server
    • FTPd FTP server
  • OS X
    • Time Tamer Time Machine™ utility
  • Windows
    • Windows Capacity Filter
  • Linux
    • Rsync server
    • Linux Dashboard
    • NFS protocol

NAS when you want it, DAS when you need it.
Why choose between the flexibility of network attached storage and the agility of direct attached storage? Demand both from your solution. Simply put your Drobo to sleep and detach it from DroboShare at anytime to take advantage of FireWire 800 or USB 2.0. Repeat the same process to put it back on your network so your files are network accessible again: simply put your Drobo to sleep and attach it to your DroboShare. Isn’t it nice to have to have options?

Windows, Mac and Linux
Built on Data Robotics’ exclusive BeyondRAID™ technology, Drobo and DroboShare are file system and operating system agnostic. Format your Drobo NTFS (Windows), HFS Plus (Mac OS X), EXT3 (Linux) or FAT32 (Various). Connect to your DroboShare no matter which file system you’ve chosen from the Windows, Mac, or Linux client of your choice because DroboShare operates on the open, cross-platform SMB protocol.

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Product Specification

Connectivity 1x 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet, 2x USB 2.0 (Type-A)
Size (mm) 152.4 x 44.5 x 271.8mm
System Requirements Windows systems, Mac OS X v10.4+
Weight (g) 1020
Manufacturer Link Drobo
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