Fujifilm X-E2S Digital Camera Body - Silver
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Fujifilm X-E2S Digital Camera Body - Silver

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The Fujifilm X-E2S is a premium mirrorless camera that builds on the success of the original X-E2 to take its place in the prestigious X-series line-up. Chief among its new features is a Real Time Viewfinder with a display magnification of 0.62x and display time lag of just 0.005 seconds. The X-E2S has a lightweight body with a redesigned grip to replicate the rangefinder handling experience, ...

The Fujifilm X-E2S is a premium mirrorless camera that builds on the success of the original X-E2 to take its place in the prestigious X-series line-up. Chief among its new features is a Real Time Viewfinder with a display magnification of 0.62x and display time lag of just 0.005 seconds. The X-E2S has a lightweight body with a redesigned grip to replicate the rangefinder handling experience, while the X-Trans CMOS II Sensor and EXR Processor II ensure that it delivers high-quality images and superb overall performance. This edition is finished in silver.

Fuji X-E2S Key Features:

  • 16.3 megapixels
  • APS-C X-Trans CMOS II Sensor
  • Original colour filter array to control moiré and false colour
  • Real-time viewfinder with 0.62x magnification
  • Electronic viewfinder with just 0.005 secs
  • 2.36 million dot OLED electronic viewfinder
  • ±3 Exposure Compensation dial
  • 3-inch (1.04 million dot) premium clear LCD
  • ISO 200-6400 (exp. 100 - 51200)
  • Built-in pop-up Flash & Wi-Fi
  • Full HD 1080p movie recording
  • Improved grip and dials
  • Fuji X lens mount

1) Real-Time Viewfinder in a rangefinder-style model
The 2.36 million-dot organic EL display and dedicated viewfinder lens enables the X-E2S to offer a display magnification of 0.62x with a clear and high-definition viewfinder screen. In addition, the world's shortest display time lag of just 0.005 seconds ensures photographers can capture every shooting opportunity while looking at the live view through the viewfinder.

2) Compact and lightweight body with improved handling and optimised grip
Popular features of the X-E2 including top-plate dials and a compact and lightweight body weighing just 350g have been transferred to the X-E2S. In addition, the optimised shape of the grip enables users to change settings quickly while holding the camera. The seven function buttons on the top and back of the body can be customised to the user’s needs. The Auto Mode Switch provides the function of the fully automatic Advanced SR Auto mode which recognises the scene type automatically and optimises settings for the best possible photograph.

3) APS-C X-TransTM*3 CMOS II sensor with built-in phase detection AF and EXR Processor II image processing engine combine to deliver superb results
The camera’s phase detection AF enables the X-E2S to deliver a speedy performance with autofocusing in as little as 0.06 seconds*4, a start-up time of 0.5 seconds*5, shutter time lag of 0.05 seconds and a shooting interval of 0.5 seconds*6. With Fujifilm’s unique sensor technology developed through many years of research and development of photographic films, the X-E2S delivers stunning results.

4) New AF system for capturing moving subjects
The new AF system in the X-E2S adds the new Zone and Wide/Tracking options to the existing Single Point mode to focus on one of 49 points for fast and precise focusing The new modes offer a vastly improved focusing performance on moving subjects across the 77-point AF area.

5) A comprehensive line-up of 21 high-performance FUJINON X-mount lenses, covering ultra-wide-angle to super telephoto options
The latest digital technologies have been used to develop X-mount lenses, which offer high-precision optical designs for the best possible image quality. Including the FUJINON XF100-400mm F4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR announced today, the XF line-up has been expanded to 21 lenses, all of which deliver incredible definition when used with the X-E2S.

X-E2S Sample Images

Fuji X-E2S sample image - reflection city shot

Fuji X-E2S sample image - portrait

Fuji X-E2S sample image - close up violin

The features in more detail:

1) Compact, rangefinder-style and lightweight body features improved grip and dials for easy operation
- Popular features from the X-E2, including top-plate dials and a compact and lightweight body weighing just 350g have been transferred to the X-E2S. In addition, the shape of the grip has been improved to enable users to quickly change settings while firmly holding the camera. The X-E2S is designed to perfectly replicate the rangefinder-style shooting experience. Candid shots can easily be captured coupled with the near-silent shutter.
- Both the top and front covers are made of lightweight and highly rigid die-cast magnesium. A special coating is applied to give a steel-like finish and a more clearly defined top-plate.
- The top-plate features shutter speed and exposure compensation dials. The settings of dials as well as a lens with an aperture ring can be checked at a glance even when the camera is turned off. In addition, the precision-milled aluminium dials operate with a reassuring ‘click’ giving the X-E2S a premium look and feel.
- The X-E2S features two command dials and seven customisable function buttons
- The camera can be switched to fully-automatic mode with the Auto Mode Switch. With Advanced SR Auto mode, the camera automatically selects the optimal settings for the scene.
- The camera has a pop-up flash built That uses Super Intelligent Flash to automatically adjust light output according to the scene.
- The camera has a high-definition 1,040K-dot 3.0-inch LCD monitor that uses reinforced and scratch-resistant glass to reduce reflections.

2) Real-Time Viewfinder
With a magnification of 0.62x and a display lag time of just 0.005sec, the X-E2S has a large and fast viewfinder. It offers a clear and high-definition live view thanks to the new 2.36million dot organic EL electronic viewfinder. The live view display can also be set to the Preview Pic. Effect option to reflect the shooting conditions or to offer a view close to the naked eye. The viewfinder’s eye sensor will also automatically orientate the information in the display when the camera is positioned vertically; a feature not possible with optical viewfinder models.

3) The X-TransTM CMOS II Sensor and EXR Processor II engine combine to deliver outstanding image quality and high-speed performance
The camera features Fujifilm’s APS-C 16.3 megapixel X-Trans™ CMOS II sensor. Its unique, random colour filter array reduces moiré and false colours without using an optical low pass filter which compromises image quality. The elimination of the low pass filter provides a greater amount of light reaches the sensor. Combined with the EXR Processor II image processor, the sensor delivers outstanding resolution and low noise.
- The X-E2S has a maximum ISO setting of 51200*7 achieved by combining the processor’s noise reduction function with the technology for mounting circuit boards to reduce noise in high sensitivity images. Even at an ultra-high sensitivity, the X-E2S produces low noise and strong blacks, broadening its potential in low light conditions.
- The camera features the unique Lens Modulation Optimiser (LMO)*8 image processing technology to deliver the best possible image quality. Using optical performance and other characteristics of each lens, LMO corrects optical defects such as diffraction*9 to deliver edge-to-edge sharpness and a realistic three-dimensional effect.
- The unique on-sensor phase detection AF system focuses in an ultra-fast 0.06 sec*8 With the high-speed EXR Processor II image processor, the camera starts up in just 0.5sec*9 and it has a shutter time lag of 0.05sec and shooting interval of 0.5sec*10.

4) New AF system with Zone and Wide/Tracking modes for easy capture of moving subjects
- The AF system offers the standard 49-point Single Point mode for fast, precise focusing and the new Zone and Wide/Tracking modes that use a larger 77-point area to capture moving subjects.
- Zone mode allows users to select a 3x3, 5x3 or 5x5 zone from the 77-point AF area. During AF-C focus, the camera continually tracks a subject, positioning in the centre of the selected zone. The centrally positioned 3x3 and 5x3 zones offer the fastest focusing thanks to the on-sensor phase detection AF.
- The Wide/Tracking mode is a combination of the Wide mode (during AF-S), in which the camera automatically identifies and tracks the area in focus across the 77-point AF area, and the predictive Tracking mode (during AF-C), which uses the entire 77-point area to continue tracking a subject. This feature enables continuous focusing on a subject that is moving up and down, left and right or towards and away from the camera.
- The Single Point mode divides the focus area into smaller sections to accurately determine the distance to the subject for greater focusing precision. The working range of the on-sensor phase detection AF has been improved from 2.5EV to 0.5EV so phase detection AF works at high speed even in low light conditions or on a low contrast subject.
- The camera features Eye Detection AF, which automatically detects and focuses on human eyes. The function allows you to easily focus on the eyes of the subject even in difficult conditions – when shooting a portrait with a very wide aperture to obtain strong bokeh effects, for example.
- The Auto Macro function automatically activates the Macro mode while maintaining AF speed without pressing the Macro button to capture a close-up. This allows you to re-assign the Macro button to a different function.
- An optimised algorithm delivers a smoother and more natural AF action during video recording.
- With the combination of the phase detection AF data and subject motion predictive AF, the camera is capable of continuous shooting with AF-C at up to approx. 7.0fps*10.

5) A comprehensive line-up of 21 FUJINON X-mount lenses, covering ultra-wide-angle to super telephoto options
The latest digital technologies have been used to develop X-mount lenses, which offer high-precision optical design to deliver the highest possible image quality. The lenses are designed to achieve edge-to-edge definition across the entire frame and offer the brightest possible maximum aperture, while maintaining a compact and portable size. The current line-up of 21 lenses ranges from ultra wide-angle to super telephoto and includes five fast aperture prime lenses. These lenses bring out the very best image quality from the X-E2S. Optional accessories such as mount adapters, a 1.4x teleconverter and macro extension tubes further broaden photographic potential.

6) Create unique photos with Film Simulation modes and other artistic features
Fujifilm’s unprecedented image quality has been created through over 80 years of development of photographic films. This technology helps the camera to reproduce warm skin tones, bright blue skies and rich green trees, just as photographers remember the scene. The X-E2S features the latest CLASSIC CHROME Film Simulation mode, which delivers muted tones and deep colours. Users can choose from ten other modes that simulate the effects of traditional film line-up of Fujifilm including colour reversal film effects (Velvia/PROVIA/ASTIA), professional colour negative film (PRO Neg.Std / PRO Neg.Hi), monochrome filters (MONOCHROME, Ye filter, R filter and G filter) and SEPIA.

Advanced Filter functions are also available on the X-E2S. Users can choose from eight different artistic effects:

  • Pop Colour - Emphasises contrast and colour saturation.
  • Toy Camera - Creates shaded borders as if you were taking a photo on a toy camera.
  • Miniature - Adds top and bottom blur for a diorama or miniature effect.
  • Dynamic Tone - Creates a fantasy effect by boosting tones.
  • Partial Colour - Retains one selected original colour and changes the rest of the photo black & white. Colours can be selected from red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.
  • High Key - Enhances brightness and reduces contrast to lighten tonal reproduction.
  • Low Key - Creates uniformly dark tones with few highlight areas.
  • Soft Focus - Creates a look that is soft throughout the whole image.

- The X-E2S features a completely silent electronic shutter*11 capable of exposures up to 1/32,000sec. Photos with a shallow depth-of-field can now be shot with the aperture wide open, even in very bright conditions such as snowy fields and beach scenes, without the need of an additional ND filter. As there are no mechanically operated parts, candid shots of animals and sleeping babies can be captured more easily than ever before.

- The Multiple Exposure function offers the chance to combine two separate subjects into one image, perfect for adding people into photos.

- The camera’s aspect ratio can be selected from 3:2, 16:9, and 1:1 (square) to accommodate a wide range of photographic styles.

- The camera also features an ADVANCED SR AUTO mode, which automatically recognises faces and scenes then optimises focus, exposure, ISO and other settings for a perfect result.

- Interval timer shooting for time lapse photography is available for up to 999 frames with intervals from one second to 24 hours.

- Other features include the Digital Split Image for precise manual focusing and Focus Peaking, which highlights high-contrast areas of the subject’s outlines. These areas can be highlighted in white, red or blue, providing a guide even when photographing a difficult scene to focus on.

7) Full HD video with the X-TransTM CMOS II sensor
- Smooth 60fps Full HD movies can be shot with the X-E2S. 50fps, 30fps, 25fps and 24fps frame rates are available.
- Film Simulation modes, including the latest CLASSIC CHROME, and detailed white-balance settings are also possible.
- Exposure can be set manually during movie shooting. Aperture, shutter speed*12 and ISO sensitivity can be changed enabling movies to be shot using an exposure of the user’s choice.
- High-speed and high-precision focusing is possible with Intelligent Hybrid AF, which automatically switches between phase-detection AF and contrast AF according to the scene, even during movie shooting. Manual focus is also possible.
- Six types of scene recognition functions can be used so that users can capture beautiful movies.
- A high bit rate of 36Mbps enables high definition capture of delicate movements.

8) Built in Wi-Fi for shooting from your smartphone or tablet devices*13.
- By downloading the free FUJIFILM Camera Remote app to your smartphone or tablet device, users can use the Remote Control function, which allows a wealth of control, even from a distance. This functionality is great for capturing a wide variety of shots, including group photos, self-portraits and animals in their natural habitat.
- Photos and videos can be sent to devices such as your smartphone with an easy one-touch operation. Pictures and videos on the camera can be browsed, selected, and imported using your smartphone, all without the hassle of inputting an ID or password. It is also possible to add location information acquired by the smartphone or tablet to the image.
- Photos can be sent directly from the camera to the instax SHARE Smartphone Printer for instant instax prints.
- Wi-Fi Transfer*14 is supported, enabling wireless backup of the data to a computer*15.

9) Premium accessory line-up
- Leather Case BLC-XE1 A stylish, authentic leather case has a wonderfully tactile feel that perfectly suits the X-E2S’s classic design. With the X-E2S snugly protected, you can even change batteries without removing the case. A matching leather shoulder strap and protective cloth are included.
- Hand Grip MHG-XE To increase the camera's grip, both the battery and memory card can be swapped with the grip in place. Additionally, there is a tripod screw hole in the centre of the optical axis and the base parts equips an Arca-Swiss plate, allowing to use as a quick shoe mount when using a compatible tripod.
- M Mount Adapter for additional lens compatibility
- Macro Extension Tube MCEX-16/MCEX-11 Two tubes (16mm and 11mm) are available for fitting between the camera body and an interchangeable lens to enable high magnification macro photography.
- Shoe Mount Flash There are three types of FUJIFILM external flash, all of which are capable of high-precision TTL auto flash control. The EF-20 and EF-X20 both have a guide number of 20, while EF-42 has a guide number of 42.
- External Stereo Microphone MIC-ST1 Make realistic voice recordings for your high-quality Full HD videos.
- Protector Filters (PRF-39, PRF-52, PRF-58, PRF-62, PRF-67, PRF-72 and PRF-77)
- DC coupler CP-W126
- AC adapter AC-9V
- Remote Release RR-90

*1: Market leading viewfinder magnification ratio. Approx. 0.62x magnification 50mm (35mm format equivalent) at infinity and diopter set to -1.0 m-1.
*2: Fujifilm research as of January 2016.
*3: X-Trans is a trademark or registered trademark of FUJIFILM Corporation.
*4: Fujifilm research based on CIPA guidelines using the X-E2S equipped with XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR lens in High Performance mode as of January 2016.
*5: Equipped with XF27mmF2.8 lens in High Performance mode.
*6: MF mode.
*7: Extended output sensitivity.
*8: Unique signal processing technology that reproduces the sharpness of images blurred by diffraction, etc.
*9: When a fine image that should be sharp is blurred when using a stopped down the aperture.
*10: In CH mode, focus area is limited inside the central 3x3 in Single point and 5x3 in Zone and Wide/Tracking.
*11: The Electronic Shutter may not be suitable for fast-moving objects. Flash can not be used.
*12: Aperture and shutter speed can be changed during shooting. Only shutter speeds faster than the set frame rate can be set.
*13 Android™, smartphone and table devices, iPhone / iPad.
*14 Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance®.
*15 Requires advanced installation of the free dedicated software FUJIFILM PC AutoSave to your computer.

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Product Specification

hdmoviemode 1080p
aebbracketing ±1/3 EV, ±2/3 EV, ±1 EV
aspectratio 3:2
autofocuspoints 77
autofocussystem Hybrid auto focus (phase detection/contrast detect AF)
batterymodel NP-W126
cameralensmount Fuji X Mount
connectivity HDMI, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi
diopteradjustment -4.0 - +2.0
exposurecompensation +/- 3EV, 1/3EV Steps
exposuremodes Programmed AE, Shutter priority AE, Aperture priority AE, Manual exposure
fileformats JPEG, RAW, MOV
flashmetering Auto / Forced Flash / Suppressed Flash / Slow Synchro / Rear-curtain Synchro / Commander
flashsyncspeed 1/180
flashtypes External flash
framespersecond 7
imageprocessor X-Trans CMOS II
includedaccessories Li-ion battery NP-W126, Battery charger BC-W126, Shoulder strap, Body cap, Metal strap clip, Protective cover, Clip attaching tool, Owner,s manual
isomax 6400
isomin 200
maxresolution 4896 x 3264
megapixels 16,3
memorycardformat SD / SDHC / SDXC
meteringsystem TTL 256-zone metering, Multi / Spot / Average
screenresolution 1040000
screensize 3
sensorformats APS-C
sensorsize 23.6 × 15.6 mm
sensortype X-Trans CMOS II
shutterspeedfast 1/32000 sec
shutterspeedslow 4 sec
size 129 x 74.9 x 37.2 mm
weight 350
viewfinder OLED Live View Finder
viewfindercoverage 100%
manufacturerlink Fuji
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