Ilford FP4 Plus 35mm film (36 exposure)
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Ilford FP4 Plus 35mm film (36 exposure)

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Ilford FP4 Plus 35 mm film is an ideal choice for both professional and amateur photographers due to its superb exposure latitude and can be both push- or pull-processed. It is an ISO 120, all-purpose black and white film with exceptionally fine grain, sharpness, and medium contrast. It is sensitive to over-processing and excels at highly detailed subjects in both indoor and outdoor conditions.

Ilford FP4 Plus 35mm film (36 Exposure) Key Features:

  • Robust exposure tolerance is suited for starting the film photography journey
  • The perfect film for fashion, street, portrait, landscape, and product photography
  • Medium speed ISO 125 can be push or pull-processed
  • Uses established emulsion technology for fine-grain
  • The all-purpose black-and-white film delivers high versatility
  • Can be used in most scenarios or lighting conditions
  • Brings out the intricate details of the subject
  • Brings out the intricate details of the subject
  • Can be processed by various developers using spiral or deep tanks
  • Yields best results even at overexposure of 6-stops or underexposure of 2-stops
  • Compatible with all 35 mm cameras

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Ilford FP4 Plus 35 mm Film (36 Exposure)


What kind of developing process does this film support?

This Ilford 35 mm black and white film can be processed by a wide range of developers using deep and spiral tanks. It also supports the push and pull developing process and can be developed locally as well.

Is this a good choice to start with for film photography?

The versatility of this black and white film is that it uses an established emulsion technology and has huge exposure latitude. Its sensitivity to over-processing is low and any exposure error can be corrected during developing and printing. This makes it an ideal choice for amateurs who are starting with film photography.

What all sizes are available?

This FP4 Plus film, coated on a 0.125 mm/5-mil acetate base, is available in 24 or 36 exposure cassettes. Both 120 roll and sheet film are available and the film is supplied in DX coded cassettes.

What does it mean it can push or pull the process?

This pushing and pulling is a technique for developing film that uses a different ISO speed than what the film is rated for. For example, pushing a 400 ISO film 1 stop would require you to set the camera at 800 ISO and shoot the whole roll. The FP4 Plus film can be overexposed by 6 stops and underexposed by 2 stops.

What does ISO 25 mean?

ISO is also known as the film speed and is a measurement of light sensitivity. The lower the ISO is, the lower the sensitivity to light is. “Slow film” (low ISO) produces a fine grain film at less light show shutter speed, whereas a “Fast film” (high ISO) has more grain and high light sensitivity at fast shutter speeds.

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Product Specification

Exposures 36
For Use With 35 mm Format
Quantity 1
Type Black & White Film
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Product Code: 1021213-wex Manufacturers Part Number: 1649651