Ilford PANF Plus 135 (36 exposure)
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Ilford PANF Plus 135 (36 exposure)

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This outstanding Ilford PANF Plus 135 is a black and white, slow speed ISO 50 film with exceptionally fine grains. Suitable for bright and natural light, it has an impressive resolution and sharpness. Its negatives show an outstanding range of tone and high contrast. It can be used with controlled studio lighting and is perfect for still-life and portrait subjects.

Ilford PANF Plus 135 (36 Exposure) Key Features:

  • Yields best results in natural and lighting
  • Suitable for numerous subjects like portraiture, still-life, and fashion
  • 35 mm film has slow speed ISO 50 light sensitivity
  • Lower ISO offers exceptionally fine grain and detail
  • The film is perfect for mural-size enlargements
  • Negatives show high contrast, a wide range of tone, and sharpness
  • Suitable for production of black and white slides
  • Suitable for production of black and white slides
  • Can be used where fine grain and details are important than film speed
  • Compatible with the majority of processing systems and developers

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Ilford PANF Plus 135 Black and White Film (36 Exposure)


What is the black and white film used for?

Black and white films are the most commonly available films and are also widely used because of their huge exposure tolerance. The process of developing it is also comparatively easy and any exposure error can be corrected during it.

What does the ISO mean?

ISO of a film, or film speed, is a measurement of the film’s light sensitivity. The lower the ISO number of a film is, the lower its light sensitivity will be. A slower film, i.e., ISO 50 film can be used in bright lights or where there is plenty of light available. A slow film also has a finer grain structure than a fast film.

Which processing systems is this film compatible with?

PANF Plus 135 film is compatible with majorly all processing systems and can be processed by various developers that use deep tanks, spiral tanks or automatic processors.

For which lighting can this film be used?

As this film has a lower ISO, it works exceptionally well in bright and natural lighting. It can be used for outdoor shoots and indoor shoots with controlled studio lighting.

Does this film support push and pull processing?

As the Plus films by Ilford use an established emulsion technology, this film has more exposure latitude making it less sensitive to over-processing, thus suitable for push and pull processing.

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Product Specification

For Use With 35 mm Format
Quantity 1
Type Black & White Film
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Product Code: 1021224-wex Manufacturers Part Number: 1707768