Ilford SFX200 135 (36 exposure)
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Ilford SFX200 135 (36 exposure)

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Capture architecture, landscape, portraits, and other creative photos with the Ilford SFX200 135. This medium-speed black and white film with up to 740 nm extended red sensitivity helps in creating special effects. It has a wide exposure, total range, and panchromatic sensitivity for a good picture contrast. SFX200 is available in the form of 36 exposure cassettes and is ideal for 35 mm cameras.

Ilford SFX200 135 (36 Exposure) Key Features:

  • Ideal for studio lighting and outdoors under the sun
  • Medium-speed in a 36 exposure DX coded cassette, fits 35 mm cameras
  • Up to 740 nm red sensitivity to produce special effects in photographs
  • ISO 200/24° nominal sensitivity, wide exposure, and tonal range for fine art photos
  • Full panchromatic sensitivity for beautiful contrasts
  • 0.125 mm acetate base coating to avoid halation
  • Compatible with orange and yellow filters
  • Compatible with orange and yellow filters
  • Can be processed in automatic processors, deep tanks, rotary processors, & spiral tanks

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Ilford SFX200 135 (36 Exposure)


In which format is the Ilford film available?

This film comes in a 36 exposure DX coded cassette and is also available in a 120 roll film (1 to 19 edge numbers).

What kind of processing options are available?

This traditional black and white film can be processed in any kind of processing equipment without contaminating the processing chemicals. You can use an automatic processor, spiral tank, deep tank, or rotary processor for the film for quick results, even in a problematic processing condition.

Which filters are compatible with the Ilford SFX200?

This Ilford 135 film includes an extended red filter to produce special effects but can also be used with orange or yellow filters for versatile results.

What is the speed rating of this film?

The SFX 200 has a daylight speed rating of ISO 200/24° along with a wide tonal range and exposure latitude.

What kind of effects can be obtained with the SFX200 135 film?

Owing to the extended red filter, you can obtain unusual effects with this film, such as a dramatic black sky and white vegetation.

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Product Specification

For Use With 35 mm Format
Quantity 1
Type Black & White Film
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Product Code: 1021233-wex Manufacturers Part Number: 1829189