Ilford XP2S 120 1839649 (10)
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Ilford XP2S 120 1839649 (10)

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Ilford XP2 Super 120 is a fast 120 roll black and white film with a high-speed exposure of ISO 400. The distinctive feature of this film is its ability to yield excellent results in unpredictable lighting. It can be processed using C41 processing, alongside colour negative films. It proves to be the best choice for film photography as it delivers convenience and high versatility.

Ilford XP2S 120 1839649 (10) Key Features:

  • A fast film with ISO 400 exposure rating
  • Produces sharp and detailed results of the subject
  • Can be processed in C41 type processing chemicals
  • Has a wide exposure latitude and tonal range
  • Perfect for scanning and enlargement prints
  • Produces optimum print quality with well-defined highlights and shadows
  • Works best in high-contrast scenes or where there is wide-ranging subject brightness
  • Works best in high-contrast scenes or where there is wide-ranging subject brightness
  • Can be processed alongside colour negatives
  • The chromogenic film is supplied in DX coded cassettes
  • Can be used with all types of filters
  • Has an exposure rating of ISO 50 to ISO 800

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Ilford XP2 Super 120 Roll Film


Which processing is supported by this film?

The most distinctive feature about this XP2S film is that it is processed in the C41 standard colour negative process. It can be processed alongside colour negative films without any loss in either of the films. It is compatible with C41 type processing chemicals, both replenished and unreplenished. Push and conventional processing is not recommended as advantages of grain and scanning will be lost.

What is a chromogenic film?

In a chromogenic film, the dyes that make up the image are formed during development. XP2 Super is a chromogenic film and the dyes are not already present in the film. Chromogenic films usually have wide exposure latitude.

What is the ISO rating of the film?

The XP2S film is a fast black and white film with an ISO rating of ISO 400 with a wide exposure range of ISO 50 to ISO 800. Due to this wide range, it can be used in unpredictable lighting conditions and produces good quality results where there is a wide subject brightness range.

How should this film be stored?

The unexposed XP2S film is to be stored in a cool and dry place in its original packaging and can be stored in a fridge/freezer. Once it is exposed, it should be stored in the same conditions but try to process it as soon as possible. The processed negatives should be stored in a dark, cool, and dry place.

Which filters are compatible with it?

This Ilford film uses the standard C41 processing for colour negative films and can be processed alongside them. It is compatible with C41 type processing chemicals, both replenished (such as roller transport processors) and unreplenished (Such as spiral tanks).

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Product Specification

For Use With 120 Format
ISO Range 50 to 800
Quantity 1
Size 120
Type Black & White Film
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Product Code: 1021248-wex Manufacturers Part Number: 1839649