Ilford XP2S 135 (36 exposure)
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Ilford XP2S 135 (36 exposure)

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High sharpness, fine grain, and exposure tolerance – these are some of the best qualities of the Ilford XP2S 135 (36 exposure). This black and white medium speed film is focused on capturing scenes in good lighting conditions. Its ISO 150 makes the film suitable for capturing high-detailed subjects (indoor and outdoor). It can be over or underexposed without any disturbance in the final output.

Ilford XP2S 135 (36 exposure) 1839575 Key Features:

  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor photography in every lighting condition
  • Useful for internegative and copying tasks
  • Speed rating of ISO 150 for sharp & fine grain results
  • Can be underexposed by two stops and overexposed by six stops
  • Compatible with spiral tanks, automatic processors, and deep tanks
  • Used with various filters, including neutral density, colour, & polarising for versatility
  • Available in 17 m bulk length and has a 0.125 mm acetate base
  • Available in 17 m bulk length and has a 0.125 mm acetate base
  • Cut & load into the film cassette with a particular film tool or in a darkroom

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Ilford XP2S 135 (36 exposure)


What’s the processing method of this black and white film?

This film can be processed with the help of major processing systems, including an automatic processor, spiral tank, or deep tank.

How can I use the film roll in a 35 mm camera?

The Ilford roll has to be properly cut and adjusted in the film cassette before using it. This process has to be performed in a darkroom environment or with the help of a particular film loading equipment.

What’s the benefit of using this Ilford XP2S 135 film?

The XP2S film is suitable for outdoor and indoor photography, especially when you have to create giant enlargements of a subject. This film is also ideal for internegative and copying tasks and is beneficial for industrial, technical, and scientific photography.

What is the film speed?

The film has a medium speed rating of ISO 125/22°.

What are the format options available?

The film is available in a 17 m or 30.5 m spool. You can also get it in a 36 or 24 exposure DX coded cassette.

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Product Specification

For Use With 35 mm Format
Quantity 1
Type Black & White Film
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Product Code: 1021238-wex Manufacturers Part Number: 1839575