Kendrick Solar Filter for 204-214mm O.D
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Kendrick Solar Filter for 204-214mm O.D

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Experience unrivalled views of our nearest star with one of these fantastic solar filters. These fully-mounted filters are far safer and easier to use than 'solar film' as they are mounted in a frame which is securely attached over the end of your telescope or camera lens via thumb-screws. This not only means that the filter can be quickly and easily attached and removed; it also negates the risk of tape falling off or flapping loose while in use, thus causing permanent retinal damage. Kendrick solar filters are neutrally colour balanced in order to provide a 'white' image of the sun (rather than the more common red or otherwise colour-tinted image) which provides a much more detailed view and enables the use of other colour filters. Their double-layered construction prevents the risk of pinhole flaws and - unlike inexpensive rivals - the filters are tested to European safety standards. This filter is for telescopes and lenses with an outer diameter of between 204 and 214mm.

Kendrick Solar filters use Baader solar film for better performance than glass filters, with no internal reflections to mar contrast and detail. They fasten safely to your telescope dewshield or to the end of the OTA with Nylon screws, and come in many different sizes to fit just about any telescope on the market.

Simply measure the outer diameter (OD) of your telescope tube or finder scope and order the appropriate filter.

Kendrick Solar Filters can be used for:

  • Camera lenses
  • Telescopes
  • Binoculars
  • Tube OD's from 1.8 to 16 inches

More about Kendrick Solar Filter construction and special technology used:

Kendrick produce full aperture and off-axis filters for all the most commonly used telescopes in amateur astronomy. Kendrick Solar Filter cells are a sturdy, powder coated, 16 gauge aluminium with 3 nylon thumb screws to facilitate a secure fit on the front of your telescope.

The filter material itself is Baader AstroSolar Film. This film has set a new standard for white light filters and gives a very pleasing and high resolution image. The image colour is a neutral white. Other films and most glass filters produce a blurry bluish or reddish Solar image, thereby cutting out part of the spectrum. Especially with an orange sun, it is very hard to see faculae regions which are visible predominantly in the blue wing of the spectrum. Due to its neutral colour balance AstroSolar film enables the use of various colour (or interference) filters which allows the observer to use band filters to view different layers within the solar atmosphere. Baader Astro Solar film has consistent Strehl ratios of 94 to 96% on interferometric tests - thus it performs optically like a Fluorite Triplet Lens by Carl Zeiss or Astro Physics and the telescope has the same performance during the day as at night. Baader Safety Film shows notably more sharpness and contrast than any competitive product we know of, including all affordable Mylar or Glass Objective Filters.

AstroSolar is essentially free from pinholes, since unlike other filters, it is coated on both sides, so the chance of two pinholes overlapping each other is statistically insignificant. Pinholes do appear but to 1 out of 10000 only in an optical density of 2.5. Baader AstroSolar safety film has been approved for eye safety by the National Bureau of Standards in Germany the PTB. Unlike any other Solar Filter on the market AstroSolar is CE-tested according to EG-Norm 89-686 and EN 169-92 (notified body 0196). Coatings are inspected constantly for consistency to ensure your eye safety.

Caution: Observing the sun - even momentarily - through optics without the use of a solar filter is liable to cause permanent eye damage. To help prevent accidental exposure, Wex Photo Video recommends the following steps be taken:

  • Ensure that everyone participating in solar viewing is made aware of the hazard and does not directly look at the sun without using a solar filter.
  • Children should be closely supervised at all times.
  • Check the filter for flaws, scratches and damage prior to each use. Do not use it if it is compromised.
  • Remove the finder-scope from your telescope prior to solar viewing, in order to ensure that you do not accidently catch sight of the sun through it.
  • Ensure that the filter is securely fitted and will not fall or be knocked off during use. Be sure to check that it is firmly attached prior to each use.
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Product Code: 1570201-wex Manufacturers Part Number: KAI-6012