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Kodak Professional GOLD 200 120 Film (5 Pack)

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Kodak Professional GOLD 200 film is back! This medium format film is perfect for beginners and professionals alike working on a budget. As a daylight-balanced colour negative film, GOLD 200 offers a versatile combination of vivid colour saturation, fine grain, and high image sharpness. Available in a 5 roll multipack, this is the ideal affordable film for portraits, travel and everyday snapshots.

Kodak Professional GOLD 200 120 Film (5 Pack) Key Features:

  • Daylight-balanced colour negative film
  • Coated on 3.94 mil Kodak ESTAR Film Base
  • ISO 200/24° in C-41 developing process
  • Fine-grain and high Sharpness offers crisp images
  • Maintains high quality when enlarged
  • More flexibility with wide exposure latitude
  • Rich colour saturation provides warmer tones
  • Perfect for portraits, travel, and everyday snapshots
  • Incredible value with the 5 roll multipack
  • Entry-level and affordable film ideal for beginners

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Kodak Professional GOLD 200 120 Film (5 Pack)


Is this film spooled with the new backing paper?

All Kodak 120 format films, including Gold 200, are now spooled with a reformulated backing paper to provide significantly more protection for any film rolls that are subjected to less than-ideal storage, handling and environmental conditions.

What type of photographer would this film be best for?

This Kodak Professional GOLD 200 120 Film is intended for advanced amateurs and beginners who are looking to upgrade from 35mm to medium format photography.

Has the film been upgraded since its previous release?

Gold 200 is an affordable, entry-level colour film that results in an ideal combination of warm saturated colour, fine grain and high sharpness. The new 120 product is coated on 3.94 mil Kodak ESTAR film base which provides enhanced quality, transparency and dimensional stability.

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Product Specification

For Use With Medium Format
Type Colour Film
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Product Code: 3042462-wex Manufacturers Part Number: 1075597