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Laowa 60mm f2.8 2X Ultra Macro Lens for Nikon F

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Laowa’s 60mm f2.8 2X Ultra Macro is designed for versatility, offering the scope to capture super-macro, larger-than-life images with its 6cm minimum focusing distance and 2:1 magnification ratio, all the way to capturing stunning portraiture with expressive subject-background separation. This fully manual focus and aperture lens offers impressive image quality and edge-to-edge sharpness throughout the focusing range, and its 14-bladed round aperture diaphragm offers an aesthetically pleasing smooth defocus effect for your out-of-focus areas. The lens structure is made up of 9 elements, arranged into 7 groups, two of which will move whilst focusing to maintain image sharpness and avoid barrel distortion.

Laowa 60mm f2.8 2X Ultra Macro Lens Key Features:

  • A super-versatile prime lens, suitable for a range of applications
  • Close-up focusing from 6cm away at a 2:1 magnification ratio
  • The f2.8 to f22 aperture range allows for precise control of light
  • The maximum f2.8 makes for excellent low-light performance
  • A 14-blade rounded diaphragm provides a beautiful defocus effect
  • A full manual focus and aperture design for precise operation
  • Advanced optical structure sees 9 glass elements arranged in 7 groups
  • Rich in clarity & edge-to-edge sharpness throughout the focusing range
  • Controlled barrel distortion thanks to 2 moving lens groups during focusing
  • A built-in lens hood prevents stray light from causing lens flare or ghosting
  • A high-quality & premium all-metal lens construction for long-lasting use
  • Comes with a filter pouch and 62mm UV filter for added protection

Laowa 60mm f2.8 2X Ultra Macro Lens Key Features:

An Intricate Design

This lens is equipped with a simple yet intricate lens structure that allows this lens to be used for a surprising amount of applications. The structure is comprised of nine glass elements that are arranged in seven groups. The high-quality and premium glass used ensured clarity-rich images, edge-to-edge sharpness and accurate colour rendition in each shot taken.

The main feature that characterises this lens is its ability to focus on subjects as close as 6cm away with a 2:1 magnification ratio. This ability provides incredible larger-than-life-size macro images without the use of extension tubes. The lens is also able to focus all the way to infinity with a 1:10 magnification ratio which is what enables this lens to be used for a variety of uses. You can utilise the maximum f2.8 aperture for low-light shooting but also to play with selective focus and subject-background-separation of either close-up shots or portrait photography. The 14-blade rounded diaphragm makes for super-smooth out-of-focus areas with aesthetically pleasing bokeh.

Rugged and Ready

To protect the intricate lens structure, this lens is housed in an all-metal lens barrel that offers heightened durability and rigidity, able to withstand the rigours of professional use. This lens has a fully manual focus and aperture control without any electronic communication between lens and camera which reflect the precision engineering of the housing and internal structure. Additionally, there’s a built-in lens hood that is designed to prevent stray light from entering the lens barrel and causing flare and/or ghosting in your images. This hood also provides a small amount of protection for the front lens element from accidental knocks and bumps. Finally, Laowa includes a 62mm UV filter that will add a further layer of protection for your front lens element.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Laowa 60mm f2.8 2X Ultra Macro Lens
  • 1 x Front Lens Cap
  • 1 x Rear Lens Cap
  • 1 x Nylon Lens Pouch
  • 1 x 62mm UV Filter
  • 1 x Limited 3-Year Warranty


Does the built-in lens hood stop the use of filters?

This lens does accept 62mm screw-in filters and comes with a protective 62mm UV filter.

Is this lens also suitable for portrait photography?

The Laowa 60mm f2.8 is a fantastic dynamic portrait lens, with a 14-blade diaphragm contributing to the formation of a pleasing bokeh aesthetic. This allows your subject to take centre frame, with an emphasis on clarity and colour accuracy.

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Product Specification

Lens mount Nikon F (FX)
Camera Lens Type Macro Prime
Filter thread (mm) 62
Focal length (tele) 60
Focal length (wide) 60
Image stabilisation No
Lens elements 9
Lens groups 7
Max aperture - tele 2.8
Max aperture - wide 2.8
Minimum Focus Distance (m) 0.19
Size 95mm x 70 mm
Weight (g) 503
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Product Code: 1776233-wex Manufacturers Part Number: VEN6028N