Lee SW150 Mark II Little Stopper
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Lee SW150 Mark II Little Stopper

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Made out of high-quality optical glass, the Lee 150x150mm SW150 Mark II Little Stopper is a long-exposure ND filter designed to reduce the amount of light entering the lens by up to 6 f-stops. The Little Stopper is ideal for low-light conditions at the beginning and end of the day (when the Big Stopper's ten stops may prove too much), allowing you to enjoy increased flexibility with exposure lengths. By increasing the length of exposure time, the Little Stopper adds a ghostly, time-passing effect of anything that moves (E.G. sea, clouds, waterfalls, people etc.). The Lilttle Stopper is compatible with the Lee SW150 Mark II Filter System (not included).

Lee Little Stopper 6x Filter: Key Features

  • 6-stop long exposure ND filter
  • For photographers using wide-angle lenses
  • Compatible with the Lee SW150 MK II Filter Holder System
  • 150x150mm high-quality glass
  • Allows the use of slower shutter speeds
  • Great for landscape photographers
  • Made from high-quality optical glass
  • Creates a smooth blurred effect in the water and clouds
  • Lee Filter Holder required
  • Lee Adaptor Ring required (check your lens' thread size)

Little Stopper Overview:

The Little Stopper can give increased flexibility with exposure lengths in the lower light at the start and end of the day. This often means that detail and texture can be retained in areas of movement such as the sky and water, while still conveying a sense of time passing.

Before (without the Little Stopper)

Lee Little Stopper before and after sample images

After (with the Little Stopper)

Lee Little Stopper before and after sample images

SW150 Mark II System Overview:

This innovative system means it's now possible to use filters with a more extensive range of ultra-wideangle lenses than ever before. Landscape photographers have long understood the benefits of ultra-wideangle lenses, but their design constraints made the use of filters virtually impossible. Now, the SW150 Mark II filter system opens up opportunities for the creative use of filters, without the need to be concerned about vignetting. The SW150 Mark II filter holder is compatible with the new SW150 polariser, Little Stopper, Big Stopper & Super Stoppers as well as SW150 neutral density graduated and standard filters.

Exposure settings

With a meter reading of 1/8sec at f/16, for example, your exposure with the Little Stopper would become eight seconds at f/16. In many shooting conditions, this means that detail and texture in areas of movement such as the sky and water would be retained, while still conveying a sense of time passing.

How to use a Stopper

  1. First compose your image before fitting the Stopper.
  2. Take a meter reading without the filter in place, and set your desired aperture and shutter speed.
  3. Use the exposure tables to find the correct exposure. Your filter will have come with a printed exposure table.
  4. With the Stopper inserted into the slot nearest the lens, attach the filter holder as usual and make your exposure.
  5. Always use the sturdiest tripod you can when making long exposures, and take care not to knock the camera or tripod. Cover your viewfinder before releasing the shutter to avoid light encroaching onto the sensor or film and causing flare.

How to use a Stopper with Jonathan Chritchley

In this video fine art photographer Jonathan Chritchley demonstrates how to get the most from your Stopper filters. Features practical tips and creative inspiration for anyone exploring long exposure photography. He demonstrates the Big & Little Stopper but the techniques and advice are also applicable to the Super Stopper.

Professional hints: Combining a Stopper with other filters

All the Stopper filters can be used in conjunction with other filters such as Neutral Density Graduated Filters. This gives an even greater level of control and creative possibilities.

Keep the Stopper closest to the lens

Other filters should be set up and positioned in the filter holder as normal before using the Stopper filter. Remember to keep the slot nearest the camera free for the Stopper. Ensure the foam seal is facing the backplate to prevent light getting behind the filter and causing flare.

Lee Filter System
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Product Specification

Effect / Type Neutral Density
Size 150 x 150 mm
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Product Code: 1570009-wex Manufacturers Part Number: SW150LS