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Nikon D4 Accessory Bundle

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Nikon D4 Accessory BundleThe bundle includes the Kata 3N1-20 DL Sling Backpack is capable of holding a Pro-DSLR with battery grip and a mid-range zoom lens attached, plus 3-4 additional lenses, a flashgun and personal items. The unique design of the 3N1 Backpack offers three different carrying options to suit your way of working. Both right sling and left sling positions provide fast access to your camera and gear while shooting. In backpack or “X” position you can comfortably carry your equipment for long distances when needed. The Sony 32GB QDH Memory Card is designed to meet the needs of photographers in the high-end imaging market and give photo enthusiasts and professional photographers a new level of speed and performance. With blazing fast data transfer speeds (up to 1GBps/125MB/s), Sony’s XQD Memory Card achieves stable, continuous shooting to capture each moment in the highest quality. The Nikon EN-EL18 Battery Pack is a spare or replacement rechargeable lithium-ion battery as supplied with the Nikon D4 digital SLR camera. Back to top

Product Specification

Kata 3N1-20 DL Sling Backpack
Capacity DSLR camera with lens attached, 3-4 additional lenses, flash and accessories
Colour Black
Material Nylon
Range D-Light
Weight (g) 710
Manufacturer Link Kata
Sony 32GB QDH 125MB/Sec XQD Memory Card
Nikon EN-EL18 Battery Pack for D4
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