Panasonic introduces the LUMIX GH5 II. It keeps everything from the original GH5, but this time with C4K, the inclusion of V-Log straight out of the box, improved in-body image stabilisation (IBIS) and a newly added focus on live streaming from your smartphone. 

Just Launched Panasonic Lumix GH5 II

Panasonic Lumix GH5 II Digital Camera Body

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Panasonic Lumix GH5 II Review

LUMIX GH5 II | The all-purpose videography camera

What our Experts Thought

Why we love the Lumix GH5 II:

  • 6.5 Stops of IBIS, making for incredibly steady hand-held shooting. Using a longer focal length? This IBIS has your back!
  • Up to C4K 60p in 10-bit for those cinematic shooters, and a huge range of other video formats to choose from.
  • Variable Frame Rate of up to 180fps slow motion. A beautiful pace of slow-mo for anyone wanting to make those moments last.
  • V-Log included – along with a solid range of other picture profiles. Overall amazing dynamic range in this camera with a bunch of options for those wanting great colours straight from camera or needing to reserve flexibility for the edit.
  • Reliable, unlimited recording times across all video formats.

Use this camera for:

  • Corporate and events videography. This camera is a high power, low form-factor build with all the features you need to make high quality audio-visual content.
  • Live Streaming! Connect the GH5 II to your computer via USB-C and use it as a high quality webcam for your video calls and live streams. You can also pair it with the Lumix Sync App via your smartphone for wireless on-the-go broadcasting to your streaming platforms.
  • Filmmaking drama & documentary. With all the 10-bit video formats, picture profiles and the anamorphic squeeze mode, this camera would suit an indie filmmaker who is on the look-out for stunning visuals at a lower cost.

Look and feel:

  • The GH5 II, much like its predecessor, rests nicely in the hand. Buttons are well positioned around the body and the weight is comfortable for hand-held shooters.
  • Size-wise, it is bulky. But this can be expected of a professional mirrorless camera body. Still, a great size for stowing in a backpack and exploring the world with.

Is it better:

  • Although some of the differences from the GH5 to the GH5 II may sound minimal on paper, when put into practice, the usability and flexibility of the GH5 II is a welcome upgrade.

We can’t wait to test:

  • Anamorphic squeeze mode for cinematic shooting.
  • Seeing how the increased dynamic range holds up.
  • Live Streaming out and about, away from the cities and in amongst some mountains! (4G/5G dependent of course)


Does the GH5 II have image stabilisation?

The GH5 II is equipped with a powerful IBIS system that can be used in tandem with newer Panasonic lenses, offering dual image stabilisation for even smoother video and shake-free still images.

Does this use the same battery as the previous GH5?

The GH5 II does come with the new battery that was launched with the Lumix S5, the more powerful Panasonic DMW-BLK22E Battery. However, the ones that shipped with the original GH5 are still compatible with GH5 II.

GH5 II vs GH5: What are the key differences?




20.3-megapixel Live MOS Sensor with
an AR high-performance Venus Engine

20.3-megapixel Live MOS Sensor
with Venus Engine 10
4K 60p recording, MOV or MP4

4K 60p recording, MOV or MP4
ISO Range

ISO 200-25600, ISO 100 exp

ISO 200-25600, ISO 100 exp
Wireless live streaming in FHD/60p via LUMIX Sync or direct connection to a Wi-Fi router
Tethered streaming via LUMIX Tether software for PCs

5-axis 6.5 stop IBIS
with Lumix S1H movement algorithm

5-axis 5-stop IBIS

225-area DFD contrast AF

225-area DFD contrast AF
Continuous Shooting

12fps AFS/MF, 9fps AFC, RAW/RAW+JPEG 108+ shots, JPEG 999+ shots

12fps AFS/MF, 9fps AFC, RAW/RAW+JPEG 60+ shots, JPEG 600+ shots

3.0-inch free-angle touchscreen,1840K

3.2-inch free-angle touchscreen, 1620K dots

OLED, 3.68m dots, 0.76x magnification

 OLED, 3.68m dots, 0.76x magnification

2 x SD slots UHS-II U3 (V90)

2 x SD slots UHS-II U3 (V60)

Panasonic DMW-BLK22E - 2200mAh Battery

Panasonic DMW-BLF19E - 1860mAh Battery

Trading up to the Panasonic Lumix GH5 II

Trade-in model
Trade-in value
You could pay*
Panasonic GH3
Panasonic GH4R
Panasonic GH4
Panasonic GH5
*Trade-in prices shown are based on grade 9 (very light use) condition and are subject to change.

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