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Sony Alpha A55 Digital SLT Camera Body

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The Sony Alpha A55 digital SLT is a revolutionary new ultra-compact interchangeable-lens camera that features Translucent Mirror Technology to offer lightning-quick and precise auto-focus for both still-photo and Full HD movie shooting, via either the finder or LCD monitor. In combination with this technology the 16.2 megapixel Exmor™ APS HD CMOS sensor is capable of recording still photos at a ...

The Sony Alpha A55 digital SLT is a revolutionary new ultra-compact interchangeable-lens camera that features Translucent Mirror Technology to offer lightning-quick and precise auto-focus for both still-photo and Full HD movie shooting, via either the finder or LCD monitor. In combination with this technology the 16.2 megapixel Exmor™ APS HD CMOS sensor is capable of recording still photos at a rate of up to 10 frames per second, as well as full 1920x1080i HD movies. The Sony Alpha A55 Digital SLT brings technology and performance usually reserved for the most expensive top-end pro cameras and makes it available to all.

Sony Alpha A55 main features

Ultra high-speed continuous shooting with continuous high-precision AF
With the mode dial set to Continuous Priority AE mode, the a55 offers a maximum continuous shooting speed of 10 fps. What's more, it can achieve these blazingly fast speeds while continuously keeping your subject in focus — a feature previously offered only on big, expensive professional SLR cameras. It's this ability to 'focus between the moments' that enables you to capture sports action and fleeting facial expressions that you never could before.

View the Sony Alpha A33 and A55 Concept Video

Newly-developed 15-point AF system with 3 cross sensors for pinpoint focusing precision
Unlike digital SLRs that require the use of slower contrast-detection AF or manual focus for live view and movie shooting, the a55 lets you enjoy the benefits of high-speed phase-detection AF all the time, for all types of shooting, via both the finder and LCD monitor. The camera’s newly developed 15-point AF system also features 3 vertically aligned cross sensors to boost focusing speed and precision on both the vertical and horizontal axes, and improved predictive focusing algorithms that greatly enhance your ability to track fast-moving subjects. A choice of Single-shot (AF-S), Continuous (AF-C), and Automatic (AF-A) AF modes is offered, and in addition to Wide and Spot AF area settings, there's a Local AF area setting that lets you choose any of the 15 focus points as a target.

Large Exmor™ APS HD CMOS sensor for Full HD imaging with beautiful background defocusing
The Exmor APS HD CMOS sensors used in the a55 offers outstanding sensitivity for low-light shooting, and their large surface area enables them to capture background defocusing effects that conventional camcorders can't. As a result, it's easy to add a cinematic sense of depth and drama to virtually any scene. The sensors' large size also contributes to superior light sensitivity, assuring high image quality even when shooting in low light.

High-speed, high-precision, phase-detection AF even during movie shooting
As one of the first ultra-compact interchangeable-lens digital cameras in the world to offer high-speed TTL phase-detection AF during movie shooting, the a55 solves the moviemaker's perennial problem of maintaining accurate focus on moving subjects. It's a revolutionary advance that makes it much easier to get professional-looking results. And although aperture and ISO control are automatic, you can lock the exposure with the AEL button, and even apply exposure compensation while shooting. And when the AF area is set to Local, you can even switch the focus point from one part of the scene to another while shooting.

Stress-free movie mode shooting
A dedicated MOVIE button enables you to start and stop movie recording with a single touch, eliminating the need to access any settings menus.

AVCHD or MP4 format support for maximum post-processing flexibility
The camera supports the AVCHD format that is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for Full HD home movie recording, as well as the MP4 format that makes it easy to post video clips on blogs and video-sharing websites. The choice is yours.

Manual aperture control for enhanced moviemaking creativity
When focusing manually, you can also control the aperture to enable a wide range of creative expression. You can take full advantage of the brightness of large-aperture lenses when shooting movies at night, for example, or reduce the aperture to expand depth of field and reduce the need for frequent refocusing when your subject moves.

Interchangeable lens flexibility for unrivalled moviemaking freedom
Aspiring moviemakers can take advantage of the full range of system A-mount lenses — including fisheye, super wide-angle, telephoto, macro, and other fixed focal length and zoom lenses. And because you can enjoy the benefits of high-speed, high-precision, phase-detection AF with virtually all of them, you can exercise your cinematic creativity without worrying about difficult focusing problems.

Full-time, high-speed, phase-detection AF for precise focusing with any shooting style
With Translucent Mirror Technology and the a55’s advanced new Quick AF Live View, high-resolution, low-noise image data direct from the large Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor can be displayed in the finder as well as on the LCD monitor. Switching is automatic — to activate Quick AF Live View in the finder, just put your eye to the eyepiece. Whichever method you use to shoot, you get ultra-fast, ultra-precise, phase-detection auto-focusing either way.

Versatile shooting information display
All-electronic design enables a wide range of shooting information to be displayed in the finder, as well as on the LCD monitor. Pressing the Display button on the back of the camera lets you cycle through 3 types of display in the finder and 4 types on the LCD monitor, including an exclusive graphic display and a Digital Level Gauge for precise camera alignment.

100% frame coverage for a full-field view with both the viewfinder and LCD monitor
100% frame coverage is an advantage usually available only on top-of-the-line SLRs like the a900. But thanks to Translucent Mirror Technology, you get a full-field view of every scene, regardless of whether you shoot using the finder or the LCD monitor.

Real-time display of exposure and colour adjustments prior to image capture
Because the live view display shows the results of exposure and colour adjustments in real time, you can confirm the effect of exposure compensation, white balance, and other exposure and colour settings before an image is taken.

Exclusive new Sony-developed Tru-Finder for a wide, pro-class view of every scene
The new all-electronic Tru-Finder incorporates a high-resolution LCD (Xtra Fine) with an effective resolution of 1.152 million dots for exceptionally crisp, detailed imaging. Proprietary optical design reduces internal reflection to assure high contrast, and a 60 fps screen refresh rate enables stress-free framing, with none of the annoying jitter often seen in other electronic viewfinders. What's more, intelligent brightness control ensures a realistic, true-to-life view by automatically adjusting luminance and saturation in response to lighting conditions.

Versatile finder information display and high-precision image preview
The Tru-Finder‘s advanced LCD display also offers you a choice of 3 types of information and grid line display, and enables face recognition technology to be used during finder shooting. And when you press the depth-of-field Preview button on the front of the camera, the Tru-Finder even adjusts image brightness to make it easier to confirm background defocusing when shooting at smaller apertures.

Large, high-definition, Xtra Fine LCD monitor with exclusive Sony TruBlack technology
The large, 7.5 cm (3.0 type), wide-screen Xtra Fine LCD monitor has a 16:9 aspect ratio and crisp, 921,600 dot resolution (approx.) with exclusive Sony TruBlack technology for improved contrast and visibility. Edge-mounted LED backlighting also enhances shooting and viewing ease, with an ambient light sensor at the side of LCD monitor to measure surrounding light levels and automatically adjust LCD monitor brightness as needed. For exceptionally bright outdoor conditions, there's even a special Sunny Weather mode you can activate via a menu setting.

Variable Angle Tilt LCD monitor mounting system for maximum shooting freedom
The newly developed Variable Angle Tilt LCD monitor mounting system is also the first on an a series camera to utilize a tilt-and-swivel mechanism. Offering 180° of vertical movement and 270° of horizontal movement, it enables you to comfortably shoot from a wide range of positions and angles. Usable for both vertical-format and horizontal-format framing, it also offers auto-rotation of screen content to ensure correct orientation at all times.

Image quality so good, you know it has to be from Sony
The a55 features a large, 16.2- megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor for beautiful image quality and background defocusing during both still-photo and movie shooting. Original Sony on-chip column AD conversion technology assures ultra-quick response and data readout, and both models incorporate the sophisticated dual noise reduction featured on our top-of-the-line a900. Rich tonal gradation and highlight/shadow detail are assured by a newly optimized BIONZ image processing engine with powerful new algorithms to support high-speed continuous shooting, advanced digital compositing, and Full HD movie recording.

ISO 12800 sensitivity for amazing low-light shooting capability
The camera offers the expanded lowlight shooting freedom of user-selectable ISO settings that extend from ISO100 all the way up to ISO12800, and an AUTO ISO range of ISO100 ~ ISO1600 that even makes it possible to take hand-held shots by candlelight.

Multi Frame NR for beautiful, ultra low-noise imaging
Multi Frame NR is an advanced ISO sensitivity setting that automatically takes six frames at high speed, and then uses sophisticated motion-detection algorithms and digital compositing technologies to precisely align and combine them into a single low-noise image. It can be used at any ISO setting in all PASM modes, enabling you to improve image quality in both bright and dim light. At the highest setting, it uses ISO expansion to achieve class-leading, ultra-high sensitivity equivalent to ISO25600.

Hand-held Twilight mode for flash-free imaging in low light
Hand-held Twilight mode is a Scene Selection mode that helps suppress blurring and noise in low light. Like Multi Frame NR, it takes six frames and then uses proprietary Sony digital compositing technologies to align and combine them with extremely high precision and speed.

The breathtaking realism of high dynamic range imaging
The a55’s Auto HDR function boasts a maximum range of 6EV that replicates the wide tonal range of human vision. It works by taking three shots in rapid succession, and then combining them into a single image that reveals much greater shadow and highlight detail than a normal exposure. And because Auto HDR uses advanced algorithms to detect and correct any misalignment between the three exposures, it's even possible to capture these remarkable images without using a tripod.

D-Range Optimizer for natural imaging in virtually any light
Ideal for portraits and active subjects, the D-Range Optimizer uses proprietary Sony technology to capture a natural level of highlight and shadow detail in high-contrast shooting situations. And thanks to high-speed BIONZ processing, it can even be used for continuous shooting.

Sweep Panorama to capture the world with a single motion
Sweep Panorama mode is a fun feature that makes it easy to create spectacular panorama photos of landscapes and other subjects that are too big to fit in a single frame. In the past, multi-frame panorama photos like this required complicated post-processing with dedicated software. But thanks to the high performance and speed of the a55's Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor and BIONZ image processor, all necessary processing can be performed right in the camera.

3D Sweep Panorama
The a55 features designed-in support for Sony's 3D world, enabling you to enjoy 3D Sweep Panorama photos on 3D BRAVIA TVs and a rapidly expanding array of other 3D-compatible Sony products.

AUTO+ shooting that makes advanced features easy
With the a55's all-new AUTO+ (AUTO Advanced) mode, it's easy to take advantage of the leading-edge Sony digital technologies that this camera offers — even if you've never used an interchangeable lens camera before. Because in AUTO+ mode, the camera not only selects optimum aperture, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, white balance, and other shooting parameters for you, it also analyzes the scene and automatically activates high-speed Continuous Priority AE for fast-moving subjects and macro shots, Auto HDR for high-contrast subjects, and other advanced features needed to produce an optimum shot. What's more, settings and features activated by AUTO+ are displayed on screen to help you improve your photographic skills by understanding which modes and features are best suited to each kind of scene.

Creative Style settings for personal artistic expression
Whether you're shooting still photos or movies, Creative Style settings offer an easy way to adjust image parameters to suit the scene and your own creative objectives. Six modes are available for optimized image processing and adjustment: Standard, Vivid, Portrait, Landscape, Sunset, and B/W. In addition, contrast, saturation, and sharpness can be fine-tuned to suit your preference.

Scene Selection modes take the guesswork out of shooting
With Scene Selection modes, you just choose the type of scene to shoot, and the camera automatically optimizes aperture, shutter speed, and white balance to suit your selection.

Built-in GPS to help you map your creative journey
The a55 is the first a series camera to feature a built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) that can tag images with the geographical coordinates of the location where they were taken. It can also be used to accurately record the time at which an image was taken, and GPS Assist data can be pre-entered to speed geotagging. When viewed on a computer using the bundled PMB (Picture Motion Browser) software, or on a Sony BRAVIA TV equipped with the Photo Map function, geotagged images can be displayed on a map.

Bundled software for photo editing and file management
A full set of user-friendly software tools is included with every a55 to help you get the most out of your camera. From the easy-to-use PMB with movie editing, face search, and geotagging support, to the powerful Image Data Converter SR and Image Data Lightbox SR, you'll find everything you need to maximize your photographic enjoyment.

High-precision AE (1200-zone evaluative metering)
Advanced 1200-zone evaluative metering measures light and colour using output taken directly from the image sensor, and can automatically recognize a wide range of subjects and shooting situations. Menu settings allow you to choose between Multi segment, Centre weighted, and Spot metering modes, and AF/AE lock can be effected by pressing the shutter button halfway. In addition, the AEL button and exposure compensation can be used for both photo and movie shooting.

White balance control for optimum colour in any light
Auto white balance mode analyzes each scene and automatically adjusts settings to achieve optimum colour balance — in most situations, it's all you'll ever need. But if you want to get creative, there are also a full range of preset white balance modes for different types of light source, and user-settable colour temperature and custom modes.

Depth-of-field preview with the finder or LCD monitor
A convenient Preview button on the front of the camera lets you confirm depth of field in either the Tru-Finder or LCD monitor. Whichever you use, it's easier to see your subject because brightness is automatically boosted when you're shooting at smaller apertures. Background defocusing can be adjusted by rotating the control dial while the Preview button is pressed.

A choice of drive modes for greater shooting versatility
Drive modes include single-shot advance, continuous advance (Hi/Lo), self-timer (2-sec./10 sec.), exposure bracketing, white balance bracketing, and a remote mode for use with the optional Remote Commander RMT-DSLR1.

Face detection for optimum focus, colour, and quality
Thanks to advanced Sony face-detection technology, these cameras can instantly focus on faces, and apply optimum exposure, white balance, flash, D-Range Optimizer, and other settings to ensure that people in the frame are beautifully captured. There's also a Smile Shutter function that automatically releases the shutter when your subjects smile. Three sensitivity levels are offered, and a smile level indicator is displayed when the mode is active.

Built-in SteadyShot™ INSIDE image stabilization
Effective enough to enable sharp imaging at shutter speeds approximately 2.5 to 4 steps slower than would otherwise be possible, SteadyShot INSIDE image stabilization increases macro and indoor wide-angle photo opportunities by making it easier to shoot without using a tripod or flash.

A user-friendly interface for easy on-the-fly control
A user-friendly screen interface enables easy access to functions and settings while shooting. A quick press of the Function button displays icons at the sides of the screen that can be selected using the control dial and/or controller keys. Help Guide information and shooting tips can also be displayed, and there's an exclusive Graphic Display to help you understand how various settings affect background defocusing.

Dust protection to help keep your photos blemish-free
To help protect the image sensor from dust contamination when changing lenses, the built-in anti-dust system vibrates the optical low-pass filter in front of the image sensor each time power is switched off. As a result, you can enjoy more carefree shooting, and get beautiful, blemish-free images with ease.

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Product Specification

Autofocus points 15
Autofocus system 15 points (3 points cross type)
Battery model NP-FW50
Lens mount A-Mount
Connectivity USB 2.0 Hi-Speed, HDMI mini connective, BRAVIA Sync, PhotoTV HD
Exposure modes Auto, Auto Advanced, Programmed AE, Aperture priority, Shutter-speed priority, Manual, Sweep Panorama (2D/3D), Continuous Advance Priority AE
File formats JPEG, DPOF, RAW, RAW & JPEG, AVCHD, MP4
Flash guide number 10
Flash metering Flash off, Autoflash, Fill-flash, Slow sync, Rear sync, Red-eye reduction, Hi-speed sync
Flash sync speed 1/160 sec
Flash type Built-in pop-up
Frames per second 7
ISO max 12800
ISO min 100
Megapixels 16,2
Card format Memory Stick PRO Duo/PRO-HG Duo, SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card
Metering system TTL phase detection system
Screen resolution 921600
Sensor size 23.5 x 15.6mm
Sensor type APS-C
Shutter speed fast 1/4000 sec
Shutter speed slow 30 sec
Weight (g) 441
viewfindercoverage 100%
Manufacturer Link Sony
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