Spotting Scopes

Spotting scopes are an ideal companion for the wildlife enthusiast. They strike an elegant balance between a monocular and a telescope, combining the portability of the former with magnifying power akin to the latter. While spotting scopes can be hooked up to cameras for photographic purposes – a process known as ‘digiscoping’ – for many wildlife photographers, the real use of a spotting scope is for scouting. A good spotting scope can be your best friend when it comes to tracking the wildlife you want to photograph.

There are two main types of spotting scopes – angular and straight. As it sounds, straight scopes are built along a straight line, whereas angular scopes introduce an angle between the eyepiece and the objective lens. Wildlife and birding enthusiasts can and will argue for days on end about the merits of each type and which one is ‘better’ as a bird spotting scope or whatever else, but really it just comes down to personal preference.