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TheLight VELVET 1 MINI IP54 LED Panel

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TheLight VELVET 1 MINI IP54 for videographers is a portable, user-friendly LED Panel for location and studio work. Despite being half the size of the regular VELVET, the VELVET 1 MINI is just as robust, silent and powerful, offering a colour temperature that’s adjustable from 2700K to 6500K in 100K increments and a dimmable switch that allows the intensity to be adjusted from 0-100. Rain- and dust-proof, THELIGHT VELVET MINI 1 features an integrated V-Lock battery plate and produces a soft, natural light to get perfect skin tones and real colours.

TheLight VELVET 1 MINI IP54 LED Panel

Key Features:

  • Rainproof shock resistant aluminum body
  • 3200K and 5600K quick access dedicated button
  • More than bi-color 2700K to 6500K in 100K increments
  • 100% made and designed in Barcelona, Spain
  • Affordable European quality

THELIGHT introduces a new standard: the Half 1×1 panel.

VELVET MINI 1 offers the same robust, silent, powerful and easy to use VELVET quality light under a small, portable housing for videographers. VELVET MINI 1 is a rainproof super soft panel designed to instantly setup and adjust.

Quick setup

Quick access button to instantly go to 3200K and 5600K. Clearly visible digital display and shock resistant buttons.

VELVET quality light

VELVET MINI 1 produce a soft, natural beauty light to get perfect skin tones and real colors, the VELVET touch!

Smart AC & DC powered

VELVET MINI 1 is always ready to operate worldwide: with any Vlock battery mount and with its Smart Vlock AC Adapter 90-264 VAC.

Lighting has never been so easy

With VELVET MINI 1 there is no need to use correction gels, replace diffusers or tubes due to the digital variation of color temperature and light intensity. Its incredibly soft beam is very easy to use, produce no shadows on the actor’s faces and does not disturb their eyes. The velvety quality light wraps around the objects and actors getting beauty and natural look images.

More than bi-colour

VELVET MINI is a professional panel and offers more than tungsten and daylight in the same unit: you can precisely adjust color temperature from 2700K to 6500K.

Made to last

Robust 100% aluminum body made to endure the tougher working conditions on any location or studio.


  • COLOUR TEMPERATURE: adjustable from 2700K to 6500K in 100K increments
  • LIGHT INTENSITY: dimmable 0 to 100 (smooth and flicker-free)
  • DIMENSIONS: 345x190x90 mm / 13,6?x7,5?x3,5” (panel)
  • WEIGHT: 1,9 kgs / 4,2 lbs (panel)
  • POWER DRAW: 50W / 0,32 Amps at 110 VAC
  • POWER SUPPLY: 12 – 35 VDC through Vock battery mount plate / 90-264 VAC 50/60Hz through Smart Vlock PSU
  • PHOTOMETRICS: 1.200 Lux / 111 fc at 1m / 3 feet / 150 Lux / 14 fc at 3m / 10 feet
  • BEAM ANGLE: 100º
  • LED RATED LIFE: more than 50.000 hours
  • COOLING: no-noise, fan-free passive cooling
  • PROTECTION: IP54 rain and dust proof, indoor or outdoor use
  • CONSTRUCTION & FINISH: Made of black anodized extruded aluminum and black powder coated sheet aluminum
  • VELVET LED TECHNOLOGY: OSRAM selected BIN LED + optic diffuser + CPU software control
  • ACCESSORIES: Smart Vlock AC power supply, foldable Snapgrid, removable barn doors, cordura case, hard case
  • RIGGING OPTIONS: aluminum yoke with 16 baby receptacle combined with 28 junior pin, four sliding threads ¼” for riggings located on panel sides
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Product Code: 1610535-wex Manufacturers Part Number: VL1-IP54-MINI-VLOCK