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3 Legged Thing X1.1 Brian Evolution 2 Carbon Fibre Tripod

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The X1.1 Brian Evolution 2 is the world's most versatile travel tripod system - that's no small boast from 3 Legged Things, but built to withstand loads up 8kg, the Brian Evolution 2 is stronger than its looks may suggest. With a unique triple section ten-core carbon fibre reversible centre column the X1.1 Brian has one of the lowest shooting capability of any travel tripod in the world, extending from just 125mm all the way to 2.04m.

Next Generation Evolution 2 Tripods from 3 Legged Things

Camera Magazine Imaging Awards
Innovative Imaging Product of the Year

The 3 Legged Thing X1.1 Brian Evolution has been awarded innovative imaging product of 2013 by Camera Magazine!

The X1.1 Evolution 2 Brian Tripod is part of the 3rd generation of tripods from 3 Legged Things, built by photographers for photographers. With a unique triple section ten-core carbon fibre centre column Brian provides functionality beyond the scope of ordinary travel tripods:

  1. It enables extension of the tripod to the maximum height of 2.06m (7ft) which is perfect for using with off camera flash, as the added height gives the user greater versatility.
  2. When the extended column is use with the legs retracted in position 2 (55 degrees), this is known as tri-mono mode. Tri-mono mode enables photographers shooting with larger lenses to stabilise their equipment, without having to hold it up, which further enables them to go to a second camera without having to put the main set up down on the floor.
  3. When used with the column inverted, and the legs in position 2, fully extended, the user is able to lower your camera to the floor for macro photography, whilst retaining a large working area underneath the legs. The mounting point at each end of the column further allows for the user to add a laptop platform or iPad bracket, so that they may shoot tethered, which negates the difficulty of working with an inverted screen.

Because of the added sections, stability is reduced through the tripod when fully extended. This is why 3 Legged Things have designed Brian so that you can completely remove the column, and mount the head or even your camera directly to the main tripod furniture, gaining back the rigidity required for longer exposures. This enables you to use Brian at just 125mm, when the legs are fully retracted in position 3 (80 degrees), giving Brian one of the largest vertical operating range of any tripod in the world.


  • X1.1 Brian 2nd Gen, Evolution 2 Carbon Fiber Tripod System
  • Built in detachable Monopod
  • Rapid Reversible/Removable Triple Section Centre Column
  • Spring Ballast Hook
  • 100mm Magnesium Alloy Extension Tube (26mm diameter)
  • 3LT Tripod Bag with D rings and tool/memory card/film Pocket
  • Carry Strap
  • Tools

What's new on the Evolution 2 Tripods?

Since the launch of our 2nd Geneneration we have listened to your feedback and redesigned many of the critical components to give you a safer, lighter, stronger and more functional tripod system. The new upgrades include:

1: Purer 8 core Stealth Carbon Fiber ™ legs, and unique 10 core Columns - Smoother operation, more lateral and torsional strength.
2: Re-engineered leg mechanisms, for greater stability, smoother and easier use.
3: New Evo 2 Friction Locks with safety double break-point and easy-grip rubbers.
4: Retoned bronze anodizing and triple machined magnesium alloy parts for better camouflage and smoother finish.

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Product Specification

Colour Black
Range Brian
Weight (g) 1305
closedlength 42.0
Horizontal centre column No
Leg sections 5
Max height 204.0
Max Load 8000
Min height 12.5
Primary material Carbon Fibre
Manufacturer Link 3 Legged Thing
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