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4V Design ALA TOP Tuscany Leather Brown/Brown Metal Ring

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The leather 4V Design ALA TOP strap has a number of user-friendly features, including ultra-grip technology lining, a unique top flap to keep the strap folded, soft padding, and the ability to adjust the length. Designed for use with DSLR and mirrorless cameras, the Italian “Cuoio” leather strap is rich in beautiful details such as fine stitching and hand-painted edges.

4V Design ALA Top Strap

Key Features: 4V Design ALA TOP Tuscany Leather Brown/Brown Metal Ring

Recommended Cameras:

ALA straps are specifically designed to carry medium format, medium DSLR, and mirrorless cameras.

Full Leather Construction:

ALA TOP straps features a full leather construction for a superior quality, durability and prestige. The leather is thinned down to guarantee a soft hand and the typical comfort of all 4V straps.

4V Design ALA Top Strap

Exclusive Pre-Curved Cut:

ALA TOP and ALA straps deliver a new ergonomics experience as never before thanks to the Exclusive Pre-Curved Cut. The unique cut and design confer to the ALA straps a distinctive appearance similar to a Paragliding Wing. From this similarity comes the name of these straps: ALA in Italian means “Wing”.

Rich in Details:

ALA TOP straps combine the most prestigious techniques of Italian Leather manufacturing and are rich in beautiful details. All Tuscany Leather edges are carefully hand painted and beautifully stitched.

Wide Length Range

ALA TOP and ALA straps are very versatile and are designed to be comfortably carried both on the neck and across the shoulder. Thanks to the double length adjustment they can be set at a wide range of measures.

Unique Ergonomic Padding

The padding features a unique thick rounded shape that, combined to the “Ultra-Grip Technology”, guarantees an unsurpassed comfort. Thanks to this exclusive design, it is mainly the padding that comes in contact with the neck skin, while the pressure coming from the leather edges is minimized.

4V Design ALA Top Strap

4V Carbon Leather

The unique carbon-look leather is made of real leather with a special surface treatment that perfectly matches the look, typical warm touch, and feel of real carbon fibre. The result is a surprising tactile experience combined to a great looking luxury camera strap.

Strap Folding Flap

On the top of the padding is present a leather flap that allows to lock the strap ends into a folded and shorter position. It is very convenient when using a tripod, especially in windy conditions, and when packing your camera.

4V Design ALA Top Strap

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Product Specification

Colour Brown
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