Lowepro Camera Bags are designed to protect and organize your gear on any adventure!

Lowepro has been designing camera bags, backpacks and cases for more than fifty years. In that time, it has cultivated a reputation as one of the best ports of call for active, outdoor photographers looking for camera backpacks, pouches, sling bags and other types of camera bags.

Stylish, comfortable and spacious, Lowepro bags are designed to let you get on with the fun part of photography – capturing your adventures! Whether you’re using a mirrorless camera, a DSLR or a compact, there are absolutely loads of great bags available from Lowepro. So let us give you a quick guide.

Lowepro Popular Bag Ranges

Flipside » Lowepro

The Lowepro Flipside series comprises rugged outdoor backpacks with plenty of space for personal items as well as camera gear. This makes them great for a day’s exploration, either in the city or out in the countryside.

Protactic » Lowepro

Lowepro Protactic is the camera bag series for professionals. Hard-wearing and modular, they’re designed to allow the user to customise the bag as they see fit.

Fastpack » Lowepro

The Lowepro Fastpack bags are designed to keep your gear safe in a lightweight bag for fast-paced shooting days. Keep everything within quick reach, while still making sure it’s all safe from the elements.

Whistler » Lowepro whistler

Lowepro Whistler bags are made to withstand extreme temperatures. Some of the most versatile pro backpacks, they’re great to have in all weathers, and can take a full-frame DSLR.

Tahoe » Lowepro tahoe

Lowepro Tahoe backpacks are lightweight and sporty, designed for active photographers who want to get up and go. They’re pitched at enthusiasts and hobbyists who like the idea of a simple lightweight day bag for a camera.

Pro Trekker » Lowepro Pro Trekker

Air travel meets country hiking in the Lowepro Pro Trekker series. These bags are sized for airline carry-on restrictions, but also equipped to withstand the elements.

Lowepro Flipside bakpack range emotional image

Lowepro Flipside III Walkthrough Video

Flipside III has been redesigned for the outdoors and features robust fabrics and front PU coating offering protection from the elements.


Lowepro Flipside Backpack 300 AW III Stopmotion Video

The most popular Lowepro backpack is now better than ever!


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Lowepro Protactic range of bags emotional image

Lowepro ProTactic Collection Walkthrough

Lowepro’s worldwide #1 selling professional camera backpacks have been updated for better organization, access, protection and modular accessories.


Lowepro ProTactic Backpack 450 Stopmotion Video

Designed for Pro DSLR, Mirrorless and accessories.

Lowepro accessories emotional image

Lowepro Gear Up Series - Product Walk Though

Simplify and organize your cords, cables, chargers and more with the GearUp Series from Lowepro.


Lowepro GearUp Creator Boxes

Get your kit together with the perfect organizers for your camera, accessories and more!

Lowepro Accessories

Frequently asked questions

Are Lowepro camera bags waterproof?

The majority of Lowepro camera bags are designed to withstand rain and other extreme weather – many are made with special hydrophobic material. It always varies by individual bag however, so it’s best to double-check the specific bag you’ve got your eye on before you buy it.

How should I wash a Lowepro bag?

Bags will get dirty as you use them, so it’s good practice to regularly clean them! There’s no need to get too fancy or worry about treating them with special solutions – warm, soapy water will do the job. Just double-check the bag is empty before you start – that includes memory cards!

Which Lowepro bags are best for long lenses?

It can be hard to find the right bag to carry long lenses like a 200-500mm, whether you’re using NIkon, Canon, Sony or whatever else! To start, we’d recommend having a look at the range of Lowepro pouches and lens cases to see if there’s something specifically designed for your lens.

How do you organise a Lowepro camera bag?

Most Lowepro camera bags come with customisable interiors, so you can arrange the padding however you like! It’s best to make sure your camera and lenses are separated individually by padding, so they don’t knock into each other in transit. Experiment and see what works!

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Types of Lowepro bags

With all the different types of camera bags available, it’s worth learning a little more about each one, to help suss out which is right for you. Here, we take you through the various types of bags that Lowepro manufactures.

Backpacks and sling bags

Backpacks and sling bags are some of the most popular types of camera bags among photographers and videographers alike. Designed to be comfortable and distribute the weight evenly, backpacks are perfect for carrying lots of gear long distances. Backpacks have two straps, whereas sling straps have one – this makes backpacks better for heavier setups, and sling bags better for quick access to gear (as they can be slung around the body). Browse the full range of Lowepro backpacks and sling bags.

Pouches and lens cases

Pouches and lens cases are one of the smallest types of bag, and many are made for a specific model of camera or lens, and are designed to hold that and nothing else. For keeping a slm profile, nothing beats a camera pouch or a lens case – indeed, many are designed to fit snugly inside a larger bag. Browse the full range of Lowepro pouches and lens cases

Shoulder bags and messengers

Shoulder bags and messenger bags are generally worn cross-body, with a single strap on the shoulder. While this makes them less suited to long-distance walking than a backpack, the advantages include easier and faster access to camera gear, which makes them great for street photographers who want to always be ready to capture the moment. Browse the full range of Lowepro shoulder and messenger bags.

Waist belts

Waist belts are a great solution for those who want a completely hands-free solution for carrying camera gear. The belt configuration means they’re only suitable for lightweight setups, but if you’re using a small mirrorless camera or compact and want a convenient way to carry it, a waist belt is an excellent choice. Browse the full range of Lowepro waist belts.

Hard cases

Hard cases provide the ultimate in protection. They’re not light, nor always especially easy to carry, but they can withstand heavy impacts and keep their contents safe. Lowepro specialises in hard cases that are smaller than average, and well-suited to high-end mirrorless systems and compacts that you want to keep safe. Browse the full range of Lowepro hard cases.  

Holster cases

Kind of a hybrid between waist belts and pouches, holster cases allow you to keep your camera at your hip – literally, holster-style. Great for quick access to smaller systems, a holster case allows you to always be quick on the draw. Browse the full range of Lowepro holster cases.