Gift Ideas for Astrophotographers | 2024


Astrophotography allows us to capture the beauty of the night sky, stars, planets, and distant galaxies. If you're looking for the perfect gift for an astrophotographer, you're in the right place. We've compiled a list of ten gifts under £100 that are perfect for astrophotography enthusiasts.

Like some of our other gift guides, there are products here that may require some knowledge of what kit your loved one already has. You can also check out our guides to our best picks for astrophotography cameras and lenses.


Celestron PowerTank Glow 5000

£44.00 View

A red LED torch is essential for preserving your night vision when setting up equipment or checking over maps etc. in the dark. The glare from bright white light at night can leave you squinting while red light is non-glaring and doesn’t affect your ability to see stars, comets and other celestial objects. This torch also doubles up as a power bank so you can charge up your phone and other devices.


Celestron Elements ThermoTorch 3 Astro

£44.00 View

Along similar lines, this one is a 3-in-1. It keeps hands warm during chilly nights of stargazing, it’s a power bank so you can charge cameras and smartphones, and it’s a torch to help you find your kit in the dark. Sure enough, this isn’t limited to just astrophotography - it’s kind of a gift that keeps on giving. 


RucPac Extreme Tech Gloves - Large

£42.49 View

It gets cold in the early hours when you're photographing the stars and that cold can make your hands and fingers seize up. When they seize up it makes it more difficult to operate your camera and lens (and it just hurts). RucPac’s Extreme Tech gloves are specifically designed to provide prolonged warmth and allow easy use of the controls and dial on your camera. They come in small, medium and large, so there’s a pair for everyone. 


Celestron SkyMaster 15x70 Binoculars

Ideal for grab-and-go Lunar observations

£129.99 View

One of the easiest ways to search for celestial objects and constellations (other than simply looking up) is by using a pair of binoculars. These binos offer clear, sharp views of the night sky, enhancing your ability to plan your shots. It also allows you to frame what you're going to see. It's a surprisingly useful piece of equipment for an astrophotographer. 


Bresser Weather Station ClimaTemp TB

£54.00 View

“What is that?” you might ask. This is a weather station for your home, office, or studio. This station is designed to measure accurate atmospheric temperature and provide a 12-hour weather forecast of the current temperature situation. If you or your loved one is getting into astrophotography, this will become an invaluable tool for planning shoots.


Walkstool Basic 60

£54.99 View

Astrophotography is generally shot at night and usually requires long shutter times where you can be waiting around. Why stand when you can sit on a nifty and compact stool? It may seem simple, and that is because it is. 

Standing and holding your camera while waiting for those moments can be tiresome, and something as simple as a photography stool can offer some relief. Walkstool’s Basic 60 is specifically designed to be compact and easily fit in your kit bag.


Hahnel Captur Timer Kit - Sony

£79.00 View

Here’s one where you’ll at least need to know what brand of camera your loved one is using. You’d be surprised how much movement pressing the shutter button on your camera makes which will ruin long exposures for astrophotography.

This particular one is ideal for astrophotography as it not only provides hands-free use of your camera, but you can also set up exposure times without touching your camera. This one is for Sony cameras but you can find all our remote shutter releases here.


Domke F-34L 19 inch Protective Wrap - Black

£29.00 View

We must keep our kit clean and protected. There are hundreds of bags and lens cases out there but if you don’t know what kit they’re using, why not try this Domke wrap? It can be wrapped around lenses, tools, or anything else that will fit inside. They come in various shapes and sizes and you can’t have too many of them!


Hoya 58mm Starscape Light Pollution Cut Filter

£59.99 View

Another one you’ll need to know what lens they’re using and get an appropriately sized filter. Light pollution filters reduce unwanted light while preserving the natural colours of stars, making it easier to capture stunning nightscapes. You can find all the sizes here. Full disclosure - the larger the filter in this range, the more expensive they get and may go over the £100 limit of this gift list.


Collins Stargazing Book

£9.99 View

Every day is a learning day! Why not gift a book that will help your loved one’s astrophotography? This is an introductory guide to the night sky, from the astronomers of the Royal Observatory Greenwich. It offers everything from advice, tips and tutorials, all aimed at improving your skills.


Wex Photo Video Digital Gift Voucher - £10

£10.00 View

Wex Photo Video Digital Gift Voucher - £25

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Wex Photo Video Digital Gift Voucher - £50

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