Pgytech DJI FPV Filter ND Set
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Pgytech DJI FPV Filter ND Set

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This set of professional ND filters from Pgytech are specific to the DJI FPV drone camera system. They provide improved exposure control, dynamic blur image-effects, and have no effect on the drone's in-flight performance or calibration. You are provided with three ND filters (ND 4 8 16), consisting of refined German SCHOTT glass and an aviation aluminium-alloy frame. The optical glass further incorporates an anti-reflection coating and a double-sided, multi-layered Nano coating to repel against both water and oil. By doing so, it makes the ND filters incredibly easy to clean post-flight, whilst the silica gel edging effectively reduces scratches to the lens when you remove/attach your selected filter to the FVP camera lens. If you are looking for something to spice up your aerial footage when flying the DJI FPV, look no further than this versatile, hardwearing, and dynamic ND filter set from Pgytech.

Pgytech DJI FPV Filter ND Set Key Features:

  • High-performance ND filter pro set (ND 4 8 16)
  • Specific to the DJI FPV drone system gimbal camera
  • Grants improved exposure control and dynamic blur image-effects
  • Manufactured with refined German SCHOTT glass
  • Optical glass incorporates anti-reflection coating
  • No effect on the FPV's in-flight performance or calibration
  • Consists of an aviation aluminium-alloy frame
  • Double-sided, multi-layered Nano coating repels water and oil
  • Ultra-light, balanced and durable construction
  • The silica gel effectively reduces scratches to the lens
  • Easily dismounts/reattaches to the FPV's lens
  • An ideal companion to the DJI FPV Combo

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Pgytech DJI FPV Filter ND Set


Will these filters affect the stability or overall performance of the DJI FPV drone?

The filters are incredibly lightweight and custom-built for the DJI FPV drone, so will not affect the drone's calibration or in-flight performance.

How do you clean and maintain these filters?

These Pgytech filters are constructed with a double-sided, multi-layered coater, which enables them to be water, oil and scratch-resistant. Be sure to utilise the in-box cleaning cloth before storing the filter after use.

Can you replace the gimbal protector over the top of these filters?

Your chosen filter must be removed before then reapplying the gimbal protector post-flight.

Will the DJI FPV ND Filters damage the edges of the lens over time?

The silica gel within the frame ensures that the installation process does not damage the original lens, whilst ensuring that attaching your chosen filter to the lens is both easy and time-efficient.

Can these ND filters be used on other DJI drone models?

These ND filters are specific to the dimensions and construction of the DJI FPV so will not secure to other drone models. However, other ND filter sets are available specific to other DJI drone systems.

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Product Code: 1771537-wex Manufacturers Part Number: P-24A-101