LEGRIA - Leading the way

Better choices. More features. Superior image quality. In the race for advanced camcorder performance, Canon puts you ahead of the pack with a whole new range of LEGRIA camcorders. Every Canon camcorder comes packed with the advanced shooting features you'll need to make great movies.

When buying a camcorder there are several things you should consider:

Q: Where will you be using the camcorder?
Q: Is it important to have a compact and lightweight camcorder?
Q: Do you own or are you planning to get an HDTV?
Q: Is this your first camcorder or are you an advanced or even pro user?

LEGRIA HD for families and special occasions


  • No internal flash memory. SDXC card slot only
  • Full HD with 57x Advanced zoom
  • Intelligent Optical Image Stabiliser
  • Baby mode

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  • 8GB flash memory plus SDXC card slot for extended shooting
  • Wi-Fi with MP4 support
  • Full HD with 57x Advanced zoom
  • Intelligent Optical Image Stabiliser

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LEGRIA HD for Video Enthusiasts


  • 10x zoom, 30.4mm wide angle lens with 8-blade aperture
  • 32 GB flash memory plus two SDXC slots
  • Full manual control
  • 8.8cm touch screen LCD

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  • 20x zoom, 26.8mm wide angle lens with 8-blade circular aperture
  • Control settings remotely and share with Wi-Fi
  • Full manual control
  • 8.8cm OLED touch screen

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LEGRIA: High Definition (HD) why does it matter?

High Definition offers the very best quality recording and playback format available, and is the system that is the benchmark for industry standards today and tomorrow. It offers astonishingly realistic detail, colour and quality and it is these principles that are the hallmarks of the Canon HD system.

Even if you have a standard definition television you should consider purchasing an HD camcorder, as it will be an investment in what is becoming the industry standard technology. Full HD offers astonishingly realistic detail, colour and quality and it is these principles that are the hallmarks of Canon’s HD system.

The benefits of Canon’s HD system

Pro photographers choose Canon EOS cameras because the CMOS sensor, DIGIC processor and genuine Canon lenses have become the benchmark for professional photographic imaging quality. This combination of technology typically requires less power than other systems, so extending battery life, allowing you to shoot video for longer.

Genuine Canon lenses

The quality of High Definition images starts with the glass. Inheriting 70 years of Canon lens know-how and innovation – as well as 48 years at the forefront of broadcast lens development – Canon HD camcorders incorporate precision engineered zoom lenses. It’s the quality of the glass that helps deliver the increased resolution necessary for HD imaging.

On selected models, Flourite lens elements and Ultra-low Dispersion (UD) glass deliver exceptional clarity. Multi-coating, applied to all surfaces, virtually eliminates ghosting and flare, while aspherical lens elements minimize chromatic aberration. Canon HD video lenses are designed to meet the higher requirements of HD imaging.

Optical Image Stabilizer: Reduce camera shake

Canon’s Super Range Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) is an advanced image stabilization system that compensates for almost every kind of camera movement, from the gentle murmurs of your breathing to the vibrations of a car ride. The extra detail of HD movies can make small shakes more noticeable if you’re new to shooting in HD. With OIS, LEGRIA camcorders help you make smooth professional looking movies.

As an added benefit, Super Range OIS also prevents camera shake when digital photographs are taken using the camcorder.

How it helps you:

Super Range OIS detects movements and compensates for them, this ensures smoother and better quality video playback. All Canon camcorders have powerful zooms, but Super Range OIS guarantees that images remain stable and wobble free when zooming in from great distance.

How you record? Flash memory is best.

Flash memory is a convenient way to capture and keep quality images whether you opt for an HD or SD LEGRIA model.

Compatibility Flash Memory is standard within compact camera, mobile and smart phones and portable gaming machines. Swap data, images and video between devices safely and easily. Easy to share as you only need to plug it directly into your computer for easy sharing and editing.
Physical size The cards offer greater storage capacity relative to their small size. Physically smaller memory storage means more compact and lightweight recording devices.
Storage capacity The larger the memory cards the longer the HD recording time. Internal Flash Memory storage is available on some models, as well as multiple card slots. With multiple 32GB Flash Memory card slots or a 2TB SDXC card you don't need a laptop on holiday, simply bring several SD cards and never miss an important moment.
No moving parts The simple digital technology means they lower power consumption. Extended battery life ensures longer recording time. No need to take several batteries on your holiday.
Silent operation Without a mechanical buzzing sound it is easy to film without disturbing the subject - ideal for wildlife filming. Easier to capture candid moments you would otherwise miss.

Canon LEGRIA: Important features

Canon’s complete and comprehensive Smart Auto mode is the intelligent system that detects people, places and conditions before selecting the perfect combination of settings for recording. Smart Auto is available on all LEGRIA camcorders making shooting the best video, no matter the conditions, easy.

  1. The LEGRIA model automatically detects the background scene and colours (Intelligent Scene Detection technology – over 30 shooting situations)
  2. Then it calculates the available light
  3. The LEGRIA model then selects the ideal settings to ensure the best video capture
  4. As you push the record button, the LEGRIA seamlessly goes to work

How it helps you:

Smart Auto is exceptional technology, developed from similar applications found in Canon DSLRs and compact cameras. It means you can just point and shoot – confident that the LEGRIA will select the correct settings for the video.

LEGRIA: Touch-screen LCD

LEGRIA camcorders feature the largest LCD screens currently available. These high resolution, high contrast screens offer you an unsurpassed playback and interactive shooting experience.

Touch the subject

The LEGRIA HF M and HF S series include the first LEGRIA camcorders to feature a 2.7” or 3.5” intuitive one finger control system touch-screen LCD, designed to provide unique image control and unrivalled ease of use. The gesture-based user interface (UI) makes camcorder set-up effortless, and Touch Focus, Touch Exposure and Touch Tracking offer the ability to change focus, select exposure levels and track moving subjects simply by touching the screen.

3D Flip View – search and play in seconds

3D Flip View makes it simple to locate videos within your storage device. Instead of listing clips in traditional ‘oldest to newest’ order, 3D Flip View groups footage according to the day it was shot. Swipe left and right to find the right day, then up and down to browse through thumbnails of that day’s clips – finding your footage has never been easier.

How it helps you:

Touch-screen and sliding control options allow you to make adjustments, from zoom and focus to aperture and exposure, simply by touching the LCD screen, without having to take your eye off the subject.

Easy to Share: New Video Snapshot

Video Snapshot feature can be used during recording and playback.

Produce a movie in your camcorder – no need for a PC! HD originals are converted to one Standard Definition movie clip.

Combine Video Snapshot scenes and music into one file in the camcorder, for easy uploading and sharing.

Sometimes users might need to share or quickly store the video they have shot. This might be the case if they don’t have several Flash cards to hand and need to store what they have shot so that they can carry on filming.

  • Record in HD
  • Create smaller SD files in the camcorder
  • Share online with friends or family