Best Accessories for Travel Photography | 2024

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When buying photo kit for travel, it’s important not to overdo it. The last thing you want to do is weigh yourself down with heavy — and expensive — kit that you simply do not need. However, with that said, there are a number of accessories for travel photography that can be extremely helpful, whether that’s through expanding the types of shots you can get, or just providing a lifesaving means of backing up and storing your images.

We’ve put together our favourites in this list. We’ve kept the likely needs of a travel photographer in mind when making our picks, so have populated this list with accessories that are both lightweight and affordable. Bear in mind that not every travel photographer is going to need everything on this list; however, if you’re looking to pack for a photo-taking trip, we’re confident there will be at least a few accessories on here that could make a real, tangible difference.

For more travel-focused guides, check out the best travel tripods and the best cameras for travel photography. Otherwise, let’s count off the top accessories for travel photographers.

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Our top picks

Black Rapid Sport Breathe

£82.00 View

A cross-body camera strap for active photographers, the Black Rapid Sport Breathe boasts a large shoulder pad with moisture-wicking nylon mono mesh, curved TPE foam, and poly air mesh for optimal comfort. With the integrated underarm Brad Stabilising Strap ensuring that things don't get twisted, you can rest assured that your hold on your camera is secure throughout your adventures.

JOBY GorillaPod 3K Pro MII Kit - Black

£115.00 View

Taking a full-size tripod is very often either inconvenient or unnecessary. That said, there will be times when you want to set your camera up to ensure crisp, blur-free pictures – such as low-light scenes and, once again, self-portraits.

Thankfully, there are now plenty of options available, from simple table-top mini-tripods right through to sophisticated professional models designed to offer the ultimate flexibility (both figuratively and literally). However, we’d particularly recommend the flexibility offered by a JOBY GorillaPod, which allows you to set up your camera in all manner of places where a traditional tripod would struggle – in trees, around fence posts and on top of chair backs, to name a few.

Tiffen 67mm Circular Polarising Filter

£34.00 View

Circular polarisers are one of the best travel accessories you can buy, given how useful they are compared to their light weight and small size. They help to deepen blue skies and make clouds stand out, and also cut down reflections when shooting water.

They’re also great for shooting through windows. At skyscraper landmarks, the viewing decks are typically indoors, meaning you’ll often need to photograph through glass rather than unobstructed. Having a polariser to hand will mean you’ll be able to bring reflections under control for better results — something that is tricky to achieve in post-production

Ideally, you want to get one with a thin profile, like Tiffen’s Circular Polariser. This will reduce the likelihood of issues with vignetting. Be sure the check your lens filter thread size before purchasing.

Manfrotto XPRO Photo Aluminium 4 Section Monopod

£89.00 View

If you want a portable support without the bulk of a tripod, a monopod is the way to go. They can often be attached easily to the side of a camera bag, giving you a convenient way to access camera support at a moment’s notice. For a travel-friendly solution that won’t break the bank, we’d recommend Manfrotto’s PRO Photo Aluminium 4 Section Monopod, which is quick to set up, and packs down to a travel-friendly 56cm in length.

Peak Design Everyday Messenger 13L v2 - Ash

£219.00 View

A discreet camera bag that doesn't look like a camera bag, the Peak Design Everday Messenger is perfect for keeping your gear safe and innocuous. It features a weather-resistant shell which keeps your gear safe from a downpour, and exterior UltraZips that are built for durability.

LensPen Hurricane Blower

£9.95 View

It’s all too easy for your kit to pick up dust when being used on a daily basis, but this Hurricane blower from LensPen is one of the best and easiest ways of dealing with it. As a non-contact method of cleaning dust, you don’t need to worry about damaging the delicate parts of your camera or lens (so long as you’re using it correctly, of course). The large chamber and elongated tip allow you to apply a powerful blast of air to your sensor or lens, or even more awkward-to-clean areas such as around the viewfinder. 

Ansmann Powerline Vario 1 Charger for All

£16.00 View

Perfect for charging Li-ion battery packs, the Ansmann Powerline Vario 1 Charger for All is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for travel. It also comes with a micro USB charging cable, USB power adapter and a USB car adapter, and has several safety features including short circuit protection. Charging starts automatically as soon as you get it connected – just plug in and go. This is an essential camera accessory.

LaCie Rugged Mini Portable Hard Drive - 1TB

£78.00 View

Ideal for those capturing high-resolution images and 4K or HD-quality videos, this 1TB drive from Lacie boasts resistance against rain, shock, pressure and droppage to ensure your images and videos remain safe while you’re on the road. While the USB 3.0 interface ensures speedy transfer rates, backwards compatibility with the USB 2.0 protocol means it can be used with older computers too, and you can even set your own password to prevent any unauthorised access to your files. It is important to back-up your files and if you’re on the move or travelling, a portable hard drive is a sensible option.

SanDisk Extreme PRO 64GB 200MB/s UHS-I V30 SDXC Memory Card

£22.00 View

A word of advice when travelling — or when taking pictures anywhere, for that matter — don’t put all of your eggs in one basket! While it may be very tempting to buy a large-capacity memory card which you think will last you for the whole of your trip, doing so is asking for trouble. What happens if your camera is lost, stolen or dropped in the sea? All of those memories will be lost forever.

It’s a good idea to spread your images from a trip across multiple cards. Store them separately where possible, and back up your images nightly if you can — using a portable hard drive, or a cloud service if your destination has a reliable internet connection. 

travel accs top.jpg


What are the best camera settings for travel photography?

For travel photography, we’d suggest using aperture priority mode with an f8 to f11 aperture for landscapes, a lower aperture for portraits to get those blurred backgrounds, and an ISO of 100-400 in daylight. You can also adjust shutter speed to avoid motion blur (above 1/60 sec.)

How can I keep my camera gear safe while traveling?

You should use a padded, weather-resistant camera bag. Always keep your gear in sight or securely packed, use anti-theft straps, and think about insurance for expensive equipment. Finally, regularly backup your photos to avoid data loss.

What lenses are best for travel photography?

We’d advise using a versatile zoom lens like a 24-70mm or 18-135mm; these will cover most situations

How can I take better travel photos with my smartphone?

Turning on the gridelines in your settings so you can follow the rule of thirds, think about lighting, clean your lens, experiment with angles, and if your phone has it, use HDR mode for balanced exposures. And then, edit photos with apps like Lightroom.

What are some tips for capturing the essence of a destination?

Research the place you’re traveling to to find unique spots, shoot during golden hours (early morning and late afternoon), include local people and culture, use leading lines to draw attention, and tell a story through a series of photos.

How do we decide?

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