Gift Ideas for Filmmakers | 2024


If you have a filmmaker in your life, finding the right gift can be both a difficult and rewarding experience. To help you choose the ideal gift, we've put together a list of 10 gifts under £100 along with reasons why they're perfect for filmmakers. Whether it's improving their audio, lighting, camera support, or post-production capabilities, these gifts will delight any filmmaker. 

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Rode VideoMicro II

£79.00 View

Quality audio is essential in filmmaking. This Rode VideoMicro microphone is impressively compact and offers excellent sound quality for videos. It’s often a go-to for those starting out with filmmaking because of its versatile compatibility. This really is an excellent addition to a filmmaker's kit for capturing crisp and clear dialogue.


JOBY Compact Advanced Tripod

£87.00 View

Depending on what you or your loved one are filming, steady footage is paramount. Now, there are a lot of tripods out there and many video-specific options but the prices can soar. This is a low-cost option that has a 3kg maximum carrying capacity so well-suited to mid-weight mirrorless systems, action cameras, DSLRs, and camcorders.


SanDisk Extreme PRO 128GB 200MB/s UHS-I V30 SDXC Memory Card

£38.00 View

SanDisk is a go-to for memory cards because of their reliability and performance. Filmmakers in particular need high-capacity, high-speed memory cards to handle the large video files they generate. This memory card provides ample storage and fast data transfer rates, ensuring they can capture and transfer video footage efficiently. There are many other options that have varying capacities and speeds that might better suit your loved one, all of which you can check out here.


Kenro Smart Lite Bi-Colour Compact LED Video Light

£49.00 View

Effective lighting can elevate filmmaking to the next level. This Kenro LED video light offers adjustable brightness and colour temperature, allowing filmmakers to create the perfect lighting setup for their scenes. It can be used as a fill or key light, or be used to add highlights in videos. You’ll be surprised at the difference it can make!


JOBY GorillaPod Custom 1K Kit

£49.95 View

This one isn’t for everyone and it depends on the filmmaker and the camera they’re using. But as long as the kit they use weighs 1kg or less, this is a flexible and customisable tripod that will help you or your loved one capture all sorts of creative shots. The great thing about this GorillaPod is that it can grip onto and wrap around objects whilst securely holding your camera - think tree branches, rails or even a shopping trolley.


Rode SC7 3.5mm male TRRS to male TRS adaptor

£11.00 View

Many filmmakers use smartphones or mobile devices for quick filmmaking like interviews or BTS footage. This patch cable allows you to connect high-quality microphones like the VideoMicro to a smartphone (one that still has a headphone jack, though). This enhances the audio quality of the footage over the microphone of your phone.


Kenro Smart Lite Compact RGB Tube Light

£89.00 View

This is a fun one and will dramatically transform video footage. Using this palm-sized, high-performance LED light you can change the mood of your video using different coloured shades. It also has nine pre-programmed special effects for wide creative options for a shoot like police car flash and a flickering TV screen.


Manfrotto 128RC Micro Fluid Video Head

£99.00 View

Smooth camera movements are crucial for professional-looking videos. This fluid video head provides precise and smooth panning and tilting, ensuring your loved one can achieve cinematic shots with ease! This head should be compatible with most tripods with a removable head.


LaCie Rugged USB-C Portable Hard Drive - 1TB

£85.00 View

Safely storing and backing up your footage is very important. It’s all too common for SD cards to corrupt or your computer breaks and your data is lost. This 1TB external hard drive not only offers lots of space but also a safe place to store data.

First off, it's tough as nails. You can drop it, bump it, and even spill your coffee on it – this drive can take it all and keep your precious footage safe. The USB-C connection ensures lightning-fast file transfers, no more waiting around for large 4K videos to copy. And with 1TB of space, you wouldn’t worry that you or your loved one is filming too much. It's also super compatible and plays nice with all your devices.


Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW III Backpack - Grey

£109.00 View

A dedicated backpack can be incredibly useful for a filmmaker as it allows you to organise your equipment and have quick access when you need it. This bag is one of our favourites. It’s ideal for travel and features an external PU coating to guard against weather and abrasion. Along with the intelligent organisation, this back offers fast access to your gear with the 2-stage QuickDoor. It’s a solid choice for any camera user, and it's under £100. It's a crazy-good deal. 


Wex Photo Video Digital Gift Voucher - £10

£10.00 View

Wex Photo Video Digital Gift Voucher - £25

£25.00 View

Wex Photo Video Digital Gift Voucher - £50

£50.00 View

How do we decide?

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