Gift Ideas for Wildlife Photographers | 2024


Wildlife photography is one of the most popular types of photography out there so it's safe to say that you probably know someone who does it. We’ve collated a list of gift ideas that will actually be useful for your friend or family member (no lens-shaped cups here). 

This list contains products that are under £100. In some cases, you may need to know what kit they use e.g., what lenses they have so can get an appropriately sized cover or whether they already have some dedicated photography gloves.

Be sure to give us a call, drop us an email or message us on our social channels if you need any more help. You can also check out our guides to the best cameras and lenses for wildlife photography.


RucPac Extreme Tech Gloves - Large

£42.49 View

It might seem like an odd way to start this guide but some of the best wildlife photography opportunities are in the early hours when it can be bitterly cold. You might think any gloves will do but the RucPac’s Extreme Tech gloves are specifically designed to provide prolonger warmth and allow easy use of the controls and dial on your camera. They come in small, medium and large, so there’s a pair for everyone. 


SanDisk Extreme PRO 128GB 200MB/s UHS-I V30 SDXC Memory Card

£38.00 View

We all need more memory and wildlife photographers famously go through SD cards when using burst modes to ensure they get the perfect shot of birds in flight or deer galloping through the fields.

Some may need faster cards depending on the camera they’re using - newer cameras and/or cameras with larger sensors produce much larger files and therefore, slower cards can be a problem if the photographer is using burst shutter modes. However, the SanDisk card has a large capacity, and a fast read/write speed and should cater to most wildlife photographers.


A tripod is an essential part of a wildlife photographer’s kit bag. There are many options out there and many that go above this guide’s £100 limit. But we’ve chosen the 3 Legged Thing Punks Patti tripod as an option for a beginner or enthusiast who hasn’t gone as far to invest in heavy pro-level telephoto lenses. 

This tripod is impressively rugged and features hard-wearing flip locks on the legs and a reversible centre column. It also includes a ball head that can withstand up to 10kg. Combining these features, you have an excellent starter tripod that offers stability and versatility.


3 Legged Thing Toolz

£6.99 View

The 3 Legged Thing Toolz is an incredibly useful gift that is ideal for wildlife shoots. It’s a multi-functional tool that removes the need for extra equipment. It has a key ring for securing your keys and a carabiner for securing your tripod or bag or attaching ballast to your tripod. It has a coin key and a hex key that allow you to secure, loosen and adjust various accessories, release plates and camera cases. And it has a bottle opener - need we say more?


Opticron BC-2 Hide Clamp with SH-707E Head

£109.00 View

Wildlife and hides go hand-in-hand. A hide is the perfect place to discretely view and photograph wildlife. But instead of taking your camera and propping it up on the ledge in a wildlife hide, make your life easier and your images sharper with a hide mount. This mount can be clamped on a ledge, removing handheld camera shake resulting in cleaner shots. This is a no-brainer for wildlife photographers. 


LensCoat LensSack Bean Bag - Black

£42.00 View

Now, if you received a bean bag as a gift you might be confused. But if you’re a wildlife photographer, receiving a LensCoat LensSack Bean Bag will be an excellent addition to your kit! Along the same lines as a tripod or a hide mount, this bean bag removes the chances of handheld camera shake and fatigue from holding long heavy telephoto lenses. This one is for the avid wildlife photographer who knows that to get the best shots, you’ve got to get down and dirty on the ground.


Walkstool Basic 60

£54.99 View

Wildlife photography requires patience. You may be waiting hours for any form or movement, let alone the perfect shot opportunity. Standing and holding your camera while waiting for those moments can be tiresome, and something as simple as a photography stool can offer some relief. Walkstool’s Basic 60 is specifically designed to be compact and easily fit in your kit bag.


Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3 with Standard Plate (Black)

£69.00 View

This is an accessory that any photographer would love. Peak Design’s Capture Clip is a camera quick-release that can be attached to your belt or the shoulder strap of a photography bag. It allows you to have quick access to your camera without having to put your camera away. 

Imagine you are out on a wildlife walk and your camera is in your bag when all of a sudden, a rare bird appears. When trying to quietly get your camera out, you look up and the bird is gone - if only your camera was ready and easily accessible using the Capture Clip.


Vanguard Alta Camera Rain Cover - Medium

£24.99 View

If you or your gift recipient are UK-based, you’ll know that rain should be expected - at all times. The best wildlife photographs are often captured in adverse weather and therefore, a rain cover is an important and obvious gift option. A rain cover not only protects expensive camera equipment but also allows you to capture photographs that others may not dare to attempt. Vanguard’s Alta camera rain cover is a solid option and is available in small, medium and large.


Domke F-34L 19 inch Protective Wrap - Black

£29.00 View

A lens rain cover is used when you are out in the rain but what about when you’re in transit? The Domke F-34L 19-inch Protective Wrap can protect your camera, lenses, and other equipment from scratches, and the padded element offers more protection against damage when you’re on the move.

There are tonnes of lens cases and bags out there so if you don’t know which lenses your recipient has, have a look at a Domke wrap. It can be wrapped around lenses, tools, or anything else that will fit inside. They come in various shapes and sizes and you can’t have too many of them!

Wex Photo Video Digital Gift Voucher - £10

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Wex Photo Video Digital Gift Voucher - £25

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Wex Photo Video Digital Gift Voucher - £50

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