Gear of the Month | November 2023


Yes, we’ve all heard about it by now – the new Sony A9 III is everything sports shooters could have hoped for and more. With a stunning new global shutter that promises better-than-ever shooting speeds and performance, this full-frame mirrorless model represents the future of sports and action photography. 

We’ve got the full lowdown below – but it’s not just been about Sony this month. Canon has also been hard at work dropping lenses for the mirrorless RF system, and the new roster includes two genuine firsts in terms of lens technology. It’s all here – get caught up with everything you need to know from the past month as you start thinking about what to put on the Christmas list…


Sony A9 III Digital Camera Body

£6,099.00 View

It’s finally here! The new Sony Alpha 9 III represents the next generation of sports photography, being the first full-frame camera to feature a global shutter. What this means in real terms is that the camera reads out all pixels simultaneously, meaning there’s no risk of distorted verticals when photographing a fast-moving subject. And with a maximum burst speed of 120fps, the A9 III is designed for very fast-moving subjects indeed.

The global shutter also means that it’s possible to flash-sync at ultra-high speeds – even at the camera’s maximum shutter speed of 1/80,000sec as long as your flash unit can keep up (Sony’s HVL-F60RM2 or HVL-F46RM can do it). In terms of video, the global shutter means there’s no risk of the ‘jello’ effect that can occur when panning. The A9 III also has a pre-burst function where it can record up to a second’s worth of images before you press the shutter button.

With blackout-free shooting even at fast burst speeds, and an autofocus system with 759 phase-detection points and AI-powered subject recognition, the Sony A9 III represents a new standard for professional sports shooting. Check out our full review on YouTube, where George gives a full rundown of this groundbreaking new camera.


Sony VG-C5 Battery Grip

£389.00 View

To push the incredible A9 III even further, Sony has also released the Vertical Grip VG-C5. Designed to fit seamlessly onto the full-frame mirrorless camera for a comfortable hold, the VG-C5 houses two NP-FZ100 batteries for extended shooting times. It also adds on an independent front custom button (C5), as well as a front dial, rear L / R dials and a locking function. All this facilitates vertical shooting, making the A9 III even more intuitive to operate.


Sony FE 300mm f2.8 OSS G Master Lens

£5,799.00 View

Sony’s G Master lenses have a deserved reputation for exceptional sharpness and all-around uncompromising performance. They’re some of the finest lenses that professionals can buy, and the new FE 300mm f2.8 OSS G Master Lens gives sports and wildlife photographers practically everything they could ask for. Offering outstanding edge-to-edge resolution, the lens also uses two XD linear motors for lightning-fast autofocus. There are three Optical Steadyshot modes for effective stabilisation. , and should you need to push the focal length further, the lens is also compatible with Sony’s 1.4x and 2.0x teleconverters.


Canon RF 200-800mm f6.3-9 IS USM Lens

£2,299.00 View

Canon does love innovating when it comes to lenses, and the RF 200-800mm f6.3-9 USM is something we’ve not seen before. With a huge zoom range, it’s the most flexible full-frame telephoto you can buy right now, and it delivers impressive sharpness and clarity right the way through that range. There’s also on-board stabilisation with up to 7.5 stops of effectiveness when paired with compatible IBIS, making the long end of the range much easier to use. Check out our review on YouTube to see Jonny take the lens for a spin on a wildlife shoot.


Canon RF-S 10-18mm f4.5-6.3 STM Lens

£379.00 View

With Canon having filled out its roster of APS-C mirrorless EOS R cameras, we’re also seeing the arrival of more RF-S lenses designed specifically for crop-sensor models. The RF-S 10-18mm f4.5-6.3 STM Lens is a capable little wide zoom, delivering an equivalent focal range of 16-29mm. It’s a great lens for travel and vlogging, and with a 0.5x magnification factor, it also makes for a pretty credible close-up lens.


Canon RF 24-105mm f2.8 L IS USM Z Lens

£3,439.00 View

Canon casually drops another first this month – the first 24-105mm lens with an f2.8 constant aperture! The Canon RF 24-105mm f2.8 L IS USM Z is an impressive all-purpose zoom designed for hybrid shooters, and thanks to its 11-blade aperture, it’s capable of making the most of its large maximum aperture to create impressive shallow depth of field images. The autofocus system has also been thoroughly upgraded, with a new Electronic Parfocal feature that minimises drift and allows shooters to keep focus on a single subject while zooming. There’s plenty more to say about this lens, so check out our full review on YouTube where George puts the lens through its paces.

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