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Sony A9 III Digital Camera Body

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The Sony A9 III is the world's first mirrorless camera with a global shutter. This revolutionary system offers continuous RAW shooting up to 120 fps, flash sync at 1/80,000s, and 4K120p recording with no crop. With zero distortion in fast-paced scenes and real-time subject recognition across 759 phase-detection points, it's perfect for sports, wildlife, and photojournalism, setting a new standard for full-frame.

Sony A9 III Digital Camera Body Key Features:

  • Sony unveils the first-ever full-frame camera to use a global shutter
  • Features a newly developed stacked 24.6 MP Exmor RS image sensor
  • Revolutionary design for zero image distortion in fast-paced scenes
  • Shoot continuous bursts at 120 fps with full AF & AE tracking
  • 0.005s - 1s Pre-Capture mode ensures you never miss a shot
  • Blackout-free viewfinder, even during continuous shooting
  • Ultra-fast maximum shutter speed of 1/80000s for still images
  • 8x more processing power with the BIONZ XR image processor
  • Capture high-quality 14-bit RAW images in all still-shooting modes
  • Hybrid AF system with 759 phase-detection points & 95.6% coverage
  • AI unit for Human, Animal, Bird, Insect, Car/Train & Plane recognition
  • Human pose estimation technology accurately recognises movement
  • Advanced 5-axis image stabilisation reduces shake up to 8.0 stops
  • Dynamic Active Mode supports optical IBIS with electronic processing
  • Composite RAW Shooting for full-resolution images with low noise
  • 4K (3840 x 2160) 120p movie recording without cropping
  • S-Cinetone picture profile for natural tones & a cinematic look
  • Focus breathing compensation for smoother video transitions
  • A newly designed ergonomic grip reduces shooting fatigue
  • Easy operation with Drive/Focus mode dials & custom button
  • 4-axis touch-sensitive LCD monitor with multi-angle adjustments
  • Compact, lightweight & high-rigidity magnesium alloy body

Where Does The Sony A9 III Sit in The Market?

To celebrate a decade of the renowned Alpha range, Sony announced the highly-anticipated A9 III in their Livestream on 7th November 23. The A9 III is a third-generation marvel set to redefine the limits of full-frame E-Mount cameras, blending lightning-fast speeds with unrivalled image quality. In a huge step up from the A9 II, Sony has proudly unveiled the A9 III as their first full-frame mirrorless camera to feature a groundbreaking global shutter. This advancement marks a new milestone not only in the rich history of the Alpha series but also in the imaging industry. Now one of the fastest cameras in the market, the A9 III boasts speeds up to 1/80000s with no distortion, flash synchronisation at any shutter speed, flicker-free shooting, and 120fps blackout-free bursts.

How to Use Sony A9 III Digital Features:

World’s First Full-Frame Camera with A Global Shutter

The Sony Alpha A9 III is a technological powerhouse with an all-new full-frame global shutter image sensor. This 24.6 MP EXMOR RS stacked sensor delivers remarkable resolution and speed, set apart by its advanced A/D conversion process and an ability to capture fast-moving subjects with zero distortion. Paired with the innovative BIONZ XR processing engine, the A9 III eradicates processing delays, achieving incredible continuous shooting speeds of up to 120 frames per second. Robust AI algorithms and phase-detect AF further support this remarkable combination of hardware and processing power, ensuring subjects stay in focus no matter how fast they move.

8x More Power with The BIONZ XR Image Processing Engine

Inherited from the flagship Alpha 1, the BIONZ XR image processing engine is a true game-changer, offering a staggering eightfold increase in processing power compared to its predecessors. This impressive enhancement not only significantly reduces processing latency but also substantially elevates image processing. As a result, the A9 III exhibits a broad spectrum of rich colour gradation, lifelike colour reproduction, and minimal noise. The engine also efficiently manages the vast flow of data from the Exmor RS image sensor in real-time, even during high-speed continuous shooting, reaching speeds of up to 120 frames per second. Moreover, it excels in capturing high-quality 14-bit RAW images across all still shooting modes, ensuring every shot is a masterpiece of precision and clarity.

Master Sports & Wildlife Photography

  • Continuous Shooting Speed Boost: This feature lets users elevate their shooting speed momentarily, reaching an impressive frame rate of 120 frames per second. This capability proves invaluable in sporting or wildlife scenarios where you can anticipate the timing of the action.
  • Pre-Capture Mode: Never let a critical moment slip away by capturing the moments preceding the shutter's release. As the shutter button is half-pressed, data is temporarily stored at a remarkable rate of up to 120 images per second, allowing you to reach back in time and capture up to 1 second before you’ve pressed the shutter.
  • 1/80000s Shutter Speed: Capture the height of the action with an astonishing maximum shutter speed of 1/80000 second for still images, enabling you to freeze even the most lightning-quick occurrences.
  • Flash Synchronisation to Boost Creativity

    The Alpha 9 III offers an innovative flash synchronisation capability, compatible with Sony flash units like the HVL-F60RM2 or HVL-F46RM, ensuring full flash synchronisation even at the maximum 1/80000 second shutter speed. This advanced feature empowers photographers to use flash for additional subject illumination when shooting in bright daylight with a high shutter speed, eliminating the need for elaborate lighting setups and opening up a world of creative possibilities.

    Reduce Noise with Composite RAW Shooting

    Unlock the power of Composite RAW Shooting with the Alpha 9 III. This feature lets users capture multiple images (selectable from 4, 8, 16, or 32) and seamlessly merge them using Sony's Imaging Edge Desktop software. This process provides full-resolution images with minimal noise, even when shooting at higher ISO settings. This capability is a game-changer for high-speed wildlife photography and low-light portraits, delivering exceptional image quality in more challenging conditions. Additionally, when shooting at lower sensitivity levels, the A9 III leverages handheld camera shake to produce images with reduced false colour and jagged artefacts through Composite RAW processing.

    Experience Cutting-Edge AF Performance

  • High-Speed Hybrid AF: Blends the speed of phase-detection AF with the tracking accuracy and fine precision of contrast-detection AF. This dynamic combination helps users find the subject, even during rapid or unpredictable motion.
  • 759 phase-detection points: Distributed across a high-density focal plane phase-detection AF system that covers 95.6% of the image area, ensuring that your subjects remain in sharp focus, no matter how challenging the situation.
  • AI Processing Unit: Takes subject recognition to new heights, covering various categories, including Humans, Animals, Birds, Insects, Cars/Trains, and Planes. The animal recognition feature now extends to capturing the eyes of grazing and small animals, in addition to recognising the eyes, heads, and bodies of dogs, cats, and similar creatures. Sony has also enhanced Bird recognition, allowing for precise detection of bird eyes and bodies across various species.
  • Human Pose Estimation: The A9 III accurately identifies body and head positions with an ability to lock onto and track obscured subjects or those facing away from the lens. This feature extends to distant subjects occupying a small portion of the frame, provided they are within the focus area when the shutter is half-pressed during continuous AF shooting. This revolutionary capability enhances focus acquisition, particularly in scenarios like capturing athletes approaching from a distance, as observed in track-and-field or ski events.
  • 120 AF/AE Tracking: Thanks to the image sensor’s high-speed readout, the A9 III delivers a remarkable 120 AF/AE tracking calculations per second to provide unprecedented accuracy in anticipating sudden shifts. Simultaneously, the AE system effortlessly adapts to variations in brightness. The A9 III maintains this high-precision tracking during continuous shooting.
  • Elevate Your Video Production with a Hybrid-First Camera

  • 5-axis Optical Image Stabilisation: Embrace handheld photography with the A9 III’s third-generation high-precision image stabilisation unit, advanced gyro sensors, and refined stabilisation algorithms. This dynamic system rectifies camera shake to deliver up to 8.0 stops of stabilisation. When paired with lenses featuring built-in image stabilisation, users gain unparalleled control over capturing tack-sharp, blur-free shots, even at extended telephoto focal lengths.
  • Distortion-Free video: The A9 III’s 24.6-megapixel full-frame global-shutter Exmor RS image sensor with stacked CMOS architecture pushes the boundaries of both filmmaking and still photography. With no rolling shutter distortion, footage attains a natural and seamless quality, regardless of the subject or camera’s movement. This feature allows users to shoot from moving vehicles or quickly pan while maintaining a cinematic look.
  • 4K 120p without cropping: In a long line of firsts, the A9 III introduces 4K (3840 x 2160) 120p movie recording with zero cropping. This revolutionary feature allows users to make the most of their lens' whole angle of view, shooting 4K footage in slow-motion 120p and standard 24p simultaneously. This feature eradicates the need for reframing during editing.
  • S-Cinetone: Sony's S-Cinetone picture profile carries forward the renowned colour science featured on the esteemed Cinema Line range, ensuring the A9 III delivers the same breathtaking colours and natural skin tones. S-Cinetone excels at reproducing true-to-life mid-tones essential for healthy-looking skin while presenting soft hues and captivating highlights.
  • Dynamic Active Mode: With synergy between the high-precision stabilisation unit, gyro sensors, and refined image stabilisation algorithms, the A9 III draws on this system to enhance the Dynamic Active Mode. This mode takes stabilisation to new heights, exceeding the performance of the existing Active Mode by more than 30% (approximately).
  • Breathing Compensation: Powered by Sony's innovative Clear Image Zoom technology, the A9 III seamlessly ensures a consistent angle of view even as you navigate through focus changes, resulting in smoother and more stable images. Users can also find breathing metadata using the latest Catalyst Browse/Prepare software in post-production.
  • How to Use Sony A9 III Hardware:

    Make Decisive Choices with The Blackout-Free Viewfinder

    The upgraded OLED viewfinder elevates user experience with an impressive 9.44 million-dot (approx.) resolution, a generous 0.90x magnification, and a wide 41° field of view for precise framing. Its redesigned structure has a 25 mm high eyepoint for more immersive viewing while minimising viewfinder image aberrations. On the A9 III, Sony has significantly reduced the viewfinder lag times, enhancing framing stability, especially during continuous shooting sessions. Users can select from three finder frame rate options: Standard (60 fps), High (120 fps), or Higher (240 fps). The 240 fps setting delivers an exceptionally smooth viewfinder image, reducing motion blur when capturing fast-moving subjects and during panning or tilting.

    Reduce Fatigue with The Ergonomic Grip

    The Sony A9 III introduces a redesigned ergonomic grip to enhance stability and alleviate physical strain during photography sessions, especially when working with bulky telephoto lenses or for extended periods. Its ergonomically refined contours ensure the grip securely fills the user's hand for a much more comfortable and less fatiguing hold.

    Customise Your Experience

    The A9 III benefits from a design update that introduces a custom button on the front for improved operation while holding the grip. This innovative addition enhances adaptability to diverse shooting styles and requirements, allowing users to assign functions such as the Continuous Speed Shooting Boost for instant speed enhancement during burst photography.

    Navigate Easier with Drive & Focus Mode Dials

    Sony has equipped the A9 III with dedicated Drive and Focus Mode dials for quick and convenient access. Users can effortlessly switch between single or continuous drive modes and single or continuous AF focus modes, eliminating the need to navigate the menu. Both dials are lockable to prevent accidental mode changes while in use. Additionally, a new feature allows the drive mode dial to be deactivated and reassigned to the FN menu or a custom button to streamline low-light shooting and maintain accessibility when a lens coat obstructs the dial.

    Adjust Your Angle Using The 4-Axis LCD Screen

    The A9 III benefits from a 4-axis multi-angle LCD monitor, a feature initially seen in the A7R V. This innovative design offers the advantages of a traditional tilting monitor while providing the flexibility of a side-opening vari-angle screen for unrestricted angle adjustments in portrait and landscape orientations. The slim yet durable mechanism allows the monitor to extend away from the camera body and tilt to 98° upward, 40° downward, and swivel up to 180° sideways. With its 3.2-inch touch-sensitive LCD monitor, optimised explicitly for outdoor shooting, it delivers a high-resolution display with 2.1 million dots, a wide colour gamut, and ample brightness, ensuring clear, unobstructed viewing.

    Conquer Challenging Environments Thanks to A Robust Build

    Sony has designed the A9 III camera to withstand challenging environments while remaining relatively compact and lightweight at just 702 g (with battery and memory card included). It boasts high durability, shock resistance, and effective heat dissipation thanks to its high-rigidity magnesium alloy for its top cover, front cover, internal frame, and rear cover. The A9 III also benefits from dust and moisture resistance with silicone rubber packing around buttons, a lens-lock button, and cushioning around the lens mount. An improved EVF design effectively seals the viewfinder’s optical path, achieving the same effect as a double glass structure.

    Shoot for Longer with 2 CFexpress Slots

    The Sony A9 III’s media slots support Type A CFexpress cards and UHS-I and UHS-II SD cards. These CFexpress cards are ideal for high-speed continuous still shooting at up to 120 fps and provide high write speeds to clear the high volume of buffer data quickly. The A9 III also allows users to record stills and movies to memory media by saving data to different media slots according to file type, image size, image quality, and a relay record mode.

    Pair with The Optional VG-C5 Battery Grip

    The VG-C5 Battery Grip enhances user experience during extended shooting sessions, offering greater comfort and operational ease. Its ergonomic design mirrors the A9 III camera body, ensuring a seamless and comfortable grip. Control access remains intuitive and versatile with a front custom button (C5), a front dial, rear L and R dials, and a locking function on the R dial. The VG-C5 Vertical Grip can also accommodate two NP-FZ100 batteries, allowing you to shoot for longer without interruption.

    What’s in the box?

    • 1 x Sony A9 III Digital Camera Body
    • 1 x Rechargeable Battery NP-FZ100
    • 1 x Battery Charger BC-QZ1
    • 1 x Power Cord
    • 1 x Cable Protector
    • 1 x Shoulder Strap
    • 1 x Body Cap
    • 1 x Accessory Shoe Cap
    • 1 x Eyepiece Cup
    • Sony A9 III Digital Camera Body Product Video:

      Review | Sony A9 III


      How does the battery life of the Sony A9 III compare to previous models?

      The Sony A9 III is equipped with a high-capacity battery that delivers impressive performance, ensuring extended shooting sessions without interruption. The NP-FZ100 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery can take approximately 400 shots on a single charge. With its efficient power management system, the A9 III offers enhanced battery life compared to previous models, allowing photographers to capture more shots on a single charge.

      How long does the Sony A9 III shoot during precapture?

      The Sony A9 III offers a Precapture mode that allows photographers to capture fleeting moments with precision and confidence. During Precapture, the camera continuously buffers images for approximately 1 second before the shutter button is fully pressed, ensuring that no moment is missed.

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      Product Specification

      Autofocus System Fast Hybrid AF (phase-detection AF / contrast-detection AF)
      Battery Grip VG-C5
      Battery Model NP-FZ100
      Card Format Multi slot for SD (UHS-I/II compliant) memory card / CFexpress Type A card, SLOT2: Multi slot for SD (UHS-I/II compliant) memory card / CFexpress Type A card
      Connectivity PC Interface, Multi/Micro USB Terminal, Sync Terminal, HDMI Output, Multi-Interface Shoe, Mic Terminal (3.5mm Stereo Minijack), Headphone Terminal (3.5mm Stereo Minijack), Wireless LAN, Bluetooth
      Diopter Adjustment -4.0 to +3.0 m-1
      Effective Megapixels 24.6
      Exposure Compensation +/- 5.0 EV (1/3 EV, 1/2 EV steps selectable)
      File Formats JPEG (DCF Ver. 2.0, Exif Ver. 2.32, MPF Baseline compliant), HEIF (MPEG-A MIAF compliant), RAW (Sony ARW 5.0 format compliant)
      Flash Sync Speed 1/80000 s, 1/500 s
      Image Processor BIONZ XR
      Image Stabilisation 8.0 stops (based on CIPA standard. Pitch/yaw shake only. With FE 50mm F1.2 GM lens mounted. Long exposure NR off.)
      Included Accessories Rechargeable Battery NP-FZ100, Battery Charger BC-QZ1, Power cord, Cable Protector, Shoulder strap, Body cap, Accessory shoe cap, Eyepiece cup
      Integrated Cleaning Anti-Dust System
      ISO Max 25600
      ISO Min 250
      Lens Mount Sony E
      Metering System 1200-zone evaluative metering
      Operating Environment 0 - 40 ℃
      Screen Resolution 2,095,104 dots
      Screen Size [inches] 3.2
      Sensor Format Full-Frame
      Sensor Size 35mm (35.6 x 23.8 mm)
      Sensor Type Exmor RS CMOS sensor
      Shutter Speed Fast 1/80,000
      Shutter Speed Slow 30 s
      Size 136.1 x 96.9 x 82.9 mm
      Tilting | Rotating Screen Opening Angles (approx.): Up 98 °, down 40 °, side 180 °, rotation 270 °
      Weight [g] 617.00
      Manufacturers Link Sony
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