Pentax are simply bling-tastic

Now we’ve returned from traipsing the many and very, very long boards of the Photokina halls, we thought we’d do a run down of the things that most caught our eye whilst in Deutschland.

The first thing to catch our eye was the literally blinding sparkle of Swarovski’s range of Crystal Pocket Binoculars. Whilst we’re not entirely sure in what situation these beauties would be appropriate (perhaps some people like looking at their binoculars rather than through them?), we had to admit that regardless of your standpoint on the jewel/bino combo, Swarovski do a pretty good job of making it look classy.

However, the confused identity of these binoculars was nothing to the sight that next violated our eyes. Camera and camcorder manufacturer DXG Technology are currently trialling a, shall we say, interesting range of new fascias for their camcorders. From sparkling diamante overkill to a less intrusive bright coral pink, DXG had it all and were keen to learn our opinion of what we saw. Our favourite (or not) is this Burberry option.

I’m not sure whether it’d be more surprising to see this pulled out of the handbag of the ‘ladies what lunch’ target market that Burberry was originally aimed at, or out of the pocket of the so-called ‘chav’ who recently ran riot with cheap and nasty imitations of this label. Word to the wise at DXG: This falls into the latter of these two groups…

Finally however, our eyes alighted on a far more pleasing sight. As part of the launch of the Pentax K-m, Pentax were displaying a fabulously bejewelled non-production model of the K-m on their stand. Whilst the serious photographer would probably (and perhaps rightly!), turn their nose up at this design, for entry-level users that the Pentax K-m is designed for, it could be rather fetching. Sort of a shame it’s only for display…

So, in the unofficial Wex Photographic Photokina Awards, we think Pentax should get the award for Best Bling.

Needless to say, DXG Technology will have to be the recipients of Worst Bling – the Burberry is inexcusable.