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When photographing on the move, you're bound to come across a magnitude of places, objects and environments. So versatility is key. Small compact cameras have come a long way and nowadays offer great flexibility while capturing incredible detail as you find your photographic feet.

If you’re photographing architecture, a full-frame sensor is ideal to help you capture the most out of your scene. Full-frame sensors offer the best image quality and allow you to use wider-angle lenses. However, we have a range of compact, bridge and APS-C sensor cameras that, again, have come a long way and have made a name for incredible architectural photography!

What our experts recommend...

Ricoh GR IIIx

Angus from our Belfast store: “The Ricoh GR IIIx is a very small camera, and it comes with an APS-C sensor. Meaning it’s easy to fit in your pocket and yet will give you the best image quality. It’s why so many street photographers use them.”

Panasonic TZ200

Guy from our Manchester store: “The Panasonic TZ200 is a great little camera which makes it easy to take anywhere. Plus, it has an amazing long zoom meaning you can shoot high-quality images from a far.”

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Advice from our experts

Online Masterclass | Travel Filmmaking, Isle of Wight | Capturing Content

Online Masterclass | Travel Filmmaking, Isle of Wight | Capturing Content

Join pro filmmaker and travel content creator Alice Greenfield as she travels across the Isle of Wight, for a four-part deep-dive into travel filmmaking. We'll talk you through our best social media tips as we go. This course is supported by Sony UK. Alice creates beautiful, unexpected travel shots for the likes of Lost at Sea, Corona, Fullers and more. She will give you a full guide on how to get the best out of your trips, alongside building your confidence when shooting run-and-gun video.

How To | Photograph Cityscapes

How To | Photograph Cityscapes

Join pro photographer and Sony Europe Imaging Ambassador Ron Timehin for this free tutorial on how he photographs the City of London. Ron will take you through his photographic process inclusive of planning and location scouting, gear and technical requirements, and his general workflow. This course is supported by Sony.

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